Mullen Lowe Brazil Co-CEO, Jose Henrique Borghi, is the Epitome of Simplicity

Mullen Lowe is one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. More specifically, it is the third largest in the industry. The company currently has offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The agency is part of the larger global Mullen Lowe Group.

One of the leaders at the helm of Mullen Lowe Brazil is Jose Henrique Borghi. The Co-CEO of the ad agency has more than two decades of experience in advertising. Having graduated with an advertising degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, he kicked off his career at Standard Ogilvy in 1998. He then worked for a number of ad agencies in and outside the country such as Leo Burnett, Talent, and BM9DDB. By the end of 2002, he felt that he had amassed enough professional experience and decided to launch his own agency, BorghiErh. Only four years later, his company would merge with the global brand Lowe + Partners. After a few cycles of corporate restructuring, the new outfit was renamed the Mullen Lowe Group in 2015. Mr. Borghi was thereafter named the co-CEO together with Andre Gomes and learn more about Borghi.

Over the years Mr. Borghi has on media campaigns for some very prominent brands. Some of these brands include Honda, Fiat, Sazon, Parmalat, and the Brazilian Down Syndrome Foundation. In his current capacity at Mullen Lowe Brazil, he oversees an even greater portfolio of clients including multinational brands such as Unilever’s Omo, Vim, CloseUp, Rexona and Lifebuoy, and Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pharmaton, Anador, Antisax and more information click here.

Despite his significant success, Mr. Borghi remains quite simple. His down-to-earth nature has seen him become known in the Brazilian advertising scene as the company leader who only wears jeans. His simple approach to life also applies to his personal life as he makes it a point to spend time with his family every single day.

Sawyer Howitt: The Meriwether Group And More

Just who exactly is Sawyer Howitt? For those readers not familiar with the Portland, Oregon vicinity, here is a bit of background on the individual in question. Sawyer Howitt is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, and a local up-and-coming sports celebrity.

The Meriwether Group
More specifically, he is presently working for his famous father David Howitt. David Howitt is perhaps best known for founding the cutting-edge, well-established Meriwether Group. Sawyer is currently serving in the position of company project manager.

“All Work And No Play”?
According to various sources familiar with both the Meriwether Group and the Howitt family, Sawyer Howitt is generally thought to be one of the smartest young men in his hometown. The reputation is due in part to his previous focus on school work, internships and overall interest in finance and business. But Sawyer Howitt is not now nor was he ever “all work and no play.”

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Sawyer Howitt: Also An Athlete
Howitt has also garnered a reputation as somewhat of an athlete too. He has a noteworthy talent for playing racquetball. He is a member of a local sports organization known as the Portland Oregon Racquetball Club.

Racquetball And Other Interests
Howitt honed his racquetball skills some time ago while he was still a student. He played on Lincoln high school racquetball team and some locals even give him credit as being an essential part of the team’s successes. When not managing various projects for his father’s company the Meriwether Group, he enjoys such other interests as watching the Portland Trail Blazers play pro basketball, going freshwater fishing, and, unsurprisingly, playing his most-loved sport, racquetball.

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Duda Melzer 101

Duda Melzer’s a respected figure within the business world. He’s the Chairman of the RBS Group, covering multiple Rio Grande Sol and Santa Catarina Board of Directors initiatives. He also founded the Bricks digital company, one pounded off of RBS, which likewise invests in business development and particularly in print; it operates in Brazil and the U.S.

Duda’s full name Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. He has built a successful career since his mid-20s. He worked in business administration at the time and graduated from the PQCRS. He’s 44 years old today and holds his MBA from Harvard University. Visit Clicrbs to know more.

He’s also a proud international member of multiple other foundations. Before joining RBS Group’s national market, he began as a director of general perspectives for the company. Eventually, he has grown over the years; he now has more than 25 memberships and 20 years of experience.

Awards Presented to Duda

  1. The 2006 Caboré Prize in Professional category – Vehicle
  2. Professional Highlight of 2009 from the Brazilian Association of Advertising – or ABP – in its Executive Vehicle category
  3. The 2011 Coletiva.Net Award in Marketing with Communication Management and Communication Group Endeavors
  4. The Entrepreneur’s Communications Award of the Year for 2013 ARP Communication Week
  5. The Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015 – through Ernst and Young – within the Family Business category
  6. Featurings within the unique Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise – or CFEG – 2015 Leaders’ List
  7. A Merit Prize in Administration within the Private Sectors – 2015

Entity Memberships Held

  1. A Member of the Conar National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising
  2. A Member of the CENP Executive Board of the Standard Standards
  3. A Member of the proud Mercosur Biennial Council
  4. A Member of the Board of Iberê’s Camargo Foundation

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George Soros is making a Comeback

In 2004, Democratic Party candidate John Kerry ran against George W. Bush and lost. At the time, George Soros provided Kerry with funding but was seriously disappointed when he lost. However, Soros quickly recovered and in 2008 his financial efforts paid off with the election of Barack Obama. Soros is a man who is used to winning and he will not provide funding for a democratic candidate or organization that will not profit the cause of liberalism.

Most financial supporters will typically provide funding for individuals and organizations that are best suited to support the cause of liberalism. While the masses are able to support a political agenda, it is best suited for wealthy donors. The masses can only give a large amount as a collective group. Individual wealthy owners can provide a lot more. In George Soros’s case, he can literally fund a movement on his own. He is that rich.

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While Soros is capable of providing a large amount of money for the cause of liberalism; he does so much more than just give money to this agenda. Soros goes out of his way to ensure that immigrants and minorities are protected as well. He might not agree with every last thing that liberal say and do. However, he understands the importance of what he does and wants to ensure that immigrants and minorities are being treated fairly.  Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Open Society Foundation is Soros’s donor organization that he uses to support liberal causes. He supports organizations such as the NAACP and the National Immigration Council. Soros wants minority and immigration groups to be treated fairly. He knows that they are at risk within any country. So, George Soros fights to ensure that minorities and immigrants are not being violated. In his later years, he has been more involved in the political arena.

Soros is making a comeback in the world. His political ideology and agenda is being upheld in the U.S. and abroad. He knows what is happening around the world and he sees the seeds of tyranny being planted in many places including the U.S. However, Soros is not about to give in and just retire. He is well into his eighties but he continues to fight as if he is still a young man. George Soros is making a comeback and he will not stop until the hatred, prejudice and ignorance no more. Read this story about George at

Eva Moskowitz Touts Charter Schools And Bipartisanship

We all hear about the heated rhetoric that comes out of Washington on a daily basis. Both political parties snipping at one another constantly over this issue or that. What we don’t often hear about are those who are working behind the scenes to get things done. They are often not politicians or even necessarily people with a lot of political clout, but instead are heroes like Eva Moskowitz.

What Eva Moskowitz cares about is school choice. She wants to see that children are able to access charter schools, particularly in areas where the public school system has simply failed. Eva Moskowitz has recently been touting the accomplishments she has had with the charter school known as Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz says that Success Academy is a great example to the nation of what can be done with charter schools. When people are given the choice as to where to send their children to school, Eva Moskowitz believes that is the very definition of freedom. She is gaining a lot of backers with this particular message as well. You see, people are hungry for a real choice when it comes to the education of their children. They often feel locked into a system where they either have to spend huge amounts of money on private schools or else send their child to a public school that is not working properly.

Moskowitz has brought her message to Capital Hill and to both political parties. In fact, she fights back against those who say that she is somehow allied with President Trump. She has had meetings with Republican leaders, but Moskowitz insists that she is a registered Democrat and even voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. She just wants to see her policy visions put into place no matter which party is in power at the moment.

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Fast Food Gets A Lasting Change Thanks to Nathaniel Ru

When people hear about fast food, among the first images that pop into their mind is that of hamburgers and fries. These are some of the more fattening foods. Even though they may try to bring in a little health with extra ingredients and even some alternative meats such as chicken, fast food still has the reputation of being fattening and otherwise unhealthy. At the same time, many people go to these joints because they are living on a budget and a lot of the healthier restaurants cost tons of money compared to what fast food restaurants offer. There is also the idea of buying groceries and preparing food. However, time constraints don’t allow for that either. Learn more:


Fortunately, there are efforts being made to bring attention to alternatives in the fast food industry. Among the alternatives is Sweetgreen, put together by Nathaniel Ru. With Sweetgreen, Nathaniel wants to do more than show people that there is a different type of fast food restaurant that they can try out. He wants to make a lasting change in the industry. Among the changes that he is hoping to bring is the adoption of not only healthier foods, but also influence of the culture in order to be healthier. Learn more:


While the fast food industry is getting a change, this change is gradual and slow. However, some of the most important and lasting changes in any industry comes at a slow pace. Nathaniel Ru has worked with his friends to make sure that the work that he brings lasts longer than him. As a matter of fact, Nathaniel Ru has stated that everything one does should out last him. Learn more:


Of course the journey to bring Sweetgreen out was not a smooth journey. As a matter of fact, it has required a lot of adjustments and persistence in order to get the green light for the business. However, the story of Sweetgreen is that of inspiration. Nathaniel has shown that if one believes in what he is doing, then he will overcome all obstacles that stand in the way of bringing his dreams and ideas to life. Learn more:

Doe Deere’s Routine is the Key to Her Success

Lime Crime has become one of the biggest names in beauty products across the world. A large part of their success is the result of their creator and founder Doe Deere. Like many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, Doe is largely successful because of a specific daily routine that she follows. In particular, Doe Deere has a very specific morning routine that she follows that has helped her to become very successful. Deere recently sat down with Savoir Flair to share some insight into her mornings.


Like most successful people Doe Deere starts her day early, around 8:30 am. Her morning routine really begins the night before. She must make sure that she gets her full 9 hours of sleep in order to function. After that she wakes up with no alarm clock routinely at 8:30am. Once awake, one of her first jobs is to drink a glass of water. This is a common practice to make sure the body is hydrated and to boost metabolism. She considers herself very much a morning person so getting going in the morning is no problem.


Deere loves to get a healthy breakfast in every morning. Her favorite breakfast items include grits, fruit and orange juice. Her morning might also include some morning stretching including her favorite stretch the cat/camel. A busy leader, Deere then turns to her phone calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the day. She likes to stay in constant communication with her team using a company chat program. This allows her to know what’s going on in the office before she ever arrives. Outside a quick visit to her favorite social media app, Instagram, Deere tries to keep her mornings as free from digital information as possible.


Deere typically arrives at the office around noon. She has lunch and gets to work. Usually the goal is to get out of the office by 6 pm. However, if Deere gets on a role, she has been known to stay at the office as late as midnight. Her routine has been a fixture in her success and she attempts to stick to it as much as possible.


Deere’s company Lime Crime has been a major success. It’s mission has been to revolutionize the makeup world. This includes the way people shop for makeup and the way it makes them feel. Lime Crime is a very digital aware company and has become a leader in the beauty and digital space. Deere’s unique approach to business and leadership has allowed her company to become a leader in the beauty space. Deere believe in listening to her employees regardless of who they are. There is always something to learn if you have an open mind.

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Tony Petrello – A Combination of Luck and Skill

Some people are destined for greatness. It could be luck. It could be skill. For most people it is a combination of both. This is certainly true for Anthony Petrello.

According to Lloyd Grove, Tony’s college roommate, at the young age of 18 Tony was already a whiz at math. He could be seen scribbling ancient mathematical theorems on greasy napkins. Tony would go on to become a protégé to none other than Professor Serge Lang who was himself a renowned mathematician the world over. Tony was destined to do ground breaking work in the world of mathematics if he continued in that field. However, it would soon become apparent to Tony that the life of a mathematician was not for him and he would give up that life to pursue a degree in law and more information click here.

Tony Petrello would go on to earn a justice degree from Harvard Law. Using that degree Tony would land a job at the law firm Baker and McKenzie where he worked from 1979 to 1991. He was so skilled at his job in corporate law that he would get promoted to the position of Managing Partner with the New York office. He served there faithfully from 1986 to 1991 which is where he caught the eye of one of Baker and McKenzie’s largest clients, Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries offered Tony the role of Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and he gladly accepted. In 1992 he began serving as the company’s president and he holds that position all the way to the present time. In October of 2011 he was offered the role of Chief Executive Officer in addition to his role as president. Following his promotion as Chief Executive officer he became Chairman of the Board in 2012 and learn more about Tony.

Underneath his leadership and skills stock prices have rose over 180%. The increase of profit led to a nice increase of salary for Tony Petrello. The increase in salary was so generous that he would be named one of the highest paid CEOs in the world and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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Cameron Clokie Offers Bright Smiles in Toronto through Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery capitalizes in the treatment of several diseases as well as defects on the face, neck, in the jaws and soft tissues in the mouth. Oral Maxillofacial is a surgery that is internationally recognized in the surgical specialty. Some countries in the world like India, Canada, the United States of America and Sweden categorize the surgery in the specialty of dentistry.

On the other side, some countries and states like the United Kingdom and Europe recognize Oral and maxillofacial surgery in the line of medicine as well as dentistry. Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

Maxillofacial Surgery

Depending on a country, oral maxillofacial can be done by one or many surgeons. Sometimes, the work is done by two surgeons. It also depends on the intensity of the fracture or damage. One surgeon who has exuded the commitment to changing the lives of the people of Toronto through maxillofacial surgery is Cameron Clokie.

Cameron is a scientist who specializes in corrective surgery. Apart from improving the lives of individuals through dental and facial surgery, he is an entrepreneur. The professor and head of the oral and maxillofacial departments is an alumnus of the Toronto University. He acquired his doctorate in 1985.


Being visionary, he advanced his studies by acquiring a Ph.D. He specialized in bone regeneration at the McGill University. Cameron Clokie has massively contributed to the publications of books related to bone regeneration and restructuring. He has lectured in many institutions too.

In 1993, Clokie launched his research group specially designed for bone studies at the McGill University. In 1998, he relocated to Toronto. Since the relocation, Cameron Clokie has been actively participating in monitoring the development of emerging bone regeneration studies through advanced technology.


His primary objective in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery is to generate bioimplants. These bioimplants will assist in replacing autogenous bone grafts. Clokie also maintains a clinic that operates in Toronto, Ontario. The focus of the staff in the clinic is based on facial reconstruction.

He also capitalizes on bone regeneration. Since his admission to the board of dentists and surgeons, Dr. Clokie has done nothing but save lives through corrective surgeries. To him, changing the lives of people through offering them a bright smile is satisfactory.

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How Does Arthur Becker Succeed In Business?

Arthur Becker is one of the finest real estate investors in New York, and he started as a technology investor who was pumping money into companies on Silicon Valley. This article explains how he has become successful, and there are many different people who may learn something about business that they did not know before. Arthur is investing in a way that is quite profitable, and he has a vision for New York that is different from most. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

#1: Investing In New Buildings

Arthur has invested in large buildings in New York that are condos and large apartments. He wants to attract people to the city who want to live the New York life, and he believes that he will find a number of young business people who wish to move into his buildings. He has moved into a condo in a project that he traded for, and he is building in a large warehouse.

#2: The Tech Industry

Arthur made quite a lot of money from his first few investments in the technology world, and he used his success in technology to move into real estate. He has spent millions on businesses that have made billions, and he will continue to do so because he has the resources to do so.

#3: Changing The Face Of New York City

Arthur wishes to change the face of New York City by investing in things that are quite unique. He wants to think forward to the future, and he knows that he may teach other real estate investors something that will make the city better. The city will grow quite a lot because of his work, and he will offer a lovely lifestyle to many new young workers.

The investments that Arthur Becker has made in New York are important for the growth of the city and its real estate market. Real estate prices are growing, and Arthur believes that making investments over and over again is the only way to find success. He has been bold in his work, and it has been proven to be the finest way to succeed in both tech and real estate.

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