Gulf Coast Western

Known as Joint Ventures, or Managing Venture of Oil & Gas General Partnerships, Gulf Coast Western, LLC, has the primary goal of the acquisition for the reserves of gas located in places such as the gulf coast region in the United States. The company is owned by a family that is based native to the U.S. in Dallas, Texas, though there are headquartered locations scattered into other states like Mississippi, other Texan towns, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The company was founded back in 1970 and has been a growing part of the family since. Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, who is part of the founding family of Gulf Coast Western, tactics to achieve their hefty goals are utilized through a careful combination of resources, talented minds who are part of the team, experience and know-how of the industry from team members, and balanced leadership qualities.

The company has acquired access and full rights to tens of acres of land, not to mention the data that goes along with monitoring seismic activity in the area of Southwestern Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western has obtained property rights as well as access to hundreds of square miles and 3D seismic data in Southwestern Louisiana, one of the locations in which Gulf Coast Western is based. This is only one example of the many trade agreements that Gulf Coast Western has put into place with such affiliates as Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, which is considered to be a sister company. This location, along with 140 locations used for drilling, 13 production wells, and just about 30 million barrels of oil equivalent, ends up representing a large portion of their total reserve potential within that singular partnership.

Even though Gulf Coast Western have their attention currently placed on the lease acquisition and the land exploration for oil drilling in very specific regions in the South of the United States, that does not mean that their sights won’t eventually be set elsewhere. There is plenty of potential and intention from the company to expand into other U.S. regions in the future.

Why Your Press Release Shouldn’t Miss a Call-To-Action

A PR distribution service is recommended to get words out regarding your brand name. A vital part of it is a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that leaves the viewers the following task to take.

Permit’s look a little closer to the definition of the CTA. The CTA is a button in a material that triggers a visitor to do something at the end. A reliable switch can change visitors right into buyers and also release a far better collaboration in between the buyer and the advertising and marketing professional.

Exactly how to create a trustworthy CTA?

  • Create a CTA button.

When composing your press release, state a clear CTA to assist viewers the following step to take. Whether you want them to enroll in a membership, get a minimal price cut, or get your brand-new thing.

It is a way to motivate them to involve with you. Generally, it lies at the end of your product. Do not give them with excessive info.

You require to make them want to find out more concerning your service or take an activity. As a guideline, restrict the information in the CTA button to motivate them to click.

  • Personalize it.

Your press release is indicated for your target audience. Prior to creating your web content, consider your objective.

Have a clear factor in mind regarding what you wish to achieve. Ensure that it is done to inform and likewise inform the visitors as well as also the media. The CTA should bring a durable value, meets the need and likewise resolves a problem.

  • The function of your CTA.

CTA serves various functions. It can lead the website visitors to your web site to discover more concerning your brand name or your product. It can guide them to your social networks web pages or your blogs.

It can furthermore be a method to ask visitors to take a quiz, download as well as install a white paper, use your item price cut, register in an e-newsletter, as well as others. Keep in mind that your goals need to be connected to your CTA.

  • What’s a fantastic press release with CTA?

The CTA in your internet material must be based upon your target market. Yes, you need to consider who will take the next activity.

It’s practical to compose several messages that ask site visitors for various activities to take. If you want a blog author to do something about it, you require to write a various CTA for them along with a various CTA for the consumers. Besides the visitor, you must also consider the kind of message that you mean to reveal to the leads.

  • What’s contained in your CTA?

The CTA will certainly function ideal if it includes important information concerning the trademark name in journalism launch. You have to consist of your service mission, objective, approach, URL address, phone call information– e-mail address, contact number and also sending by mail address.

The information offers the visitors on how they can call you as well as likewise take the needed activity. If you have CTA, however, lacks the basic info, it is tough for them to attach and also involve. In return, it’s challenging for you to get conversions.

A well developed CTA needs to be able to notify the optimal sort of target market the suitable message. It is your device to obtain high conversions. Make certain to discover just how to include an engaging CTA that functions.

Why The U.S. Money Reserve Can Help During a Recession

 Seeing the Value of Precious Metals From a Better Perspective

Look at the strong growth of the U.S. economy. The pace alone is a reason to assume that things can slow down.

Collectors will be looking for something to put their money into, and gold just might be that option. It helps to better understand what the U.S. Money Reserve offers in times like these. Precious metals are great to hold and even more exciting to admire.

A Full Troy Ounce

The products of the U.S. Money Reserve are weighed in troy ounces. This is important to measure; an ounce and a troy ounce have a difference of 2.75 grams.

Troy ounces weigh more than a standard ounce for a reason. Troy ounces are used for precious metals when forming gold or silver into coins and bars. The standard of 31.1 grams is what the U.S. Reserve uses when casting its precious metals. This measurement ensures that collectors receive more than what they bargained for.

You may, after some experience in holding these weights, begin to notice how much metal you have within your hands. Gold bars get casted with weights of up to 100-troy ounces, and collectors love them. The shape, size and weight all depends on the product and who the manufacturer is.

Raw Bullion

The U.S. Money Reserve is a bullion distributor, so no matter what people buy from its vault, it provides every metal in a raw form. “Bullion” is used by gold collectors to define the state of a precious metal. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

When a product is true bullion, that metal is in a pure, unadulterated state. This means that the metal holds a natural-chemical bond with no impurities altering its market value.


Bullion products are collectables for two basic reasons. They shine and have luster; they serve world economies. Since they are pretty and shiny, people are attracted to precious metals.

They’re used in fine jewelry: watches, necklaces and rings. Some even help your iPhone and computers to work at faster speeds. The nations of the world have agreed to use bullion should fiat currencies collapse, and this is a big promise to anyone holding gold or silver.

Silver, Gold and Platinum

The world’s top precious metals are what the U.S. Money Reserve sells to the open market.

These metals are made into coins, bars and ingots. Gold, silver and platinum are optimal because of their rarity. Every day, as each is mined from the earth, less is left for the public market to find.

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Article Title: Vijay Eswaran – A Successful Entrepreneur with Lot of Tips to Give to Budding Entrepreneurs

Article Text:

Vijay Eswaran has become a global icon due to the success he has achieved through his company named QI Group, which he founded in the year 1998. Since the time the QI Group was founded, it has become one of the largest MLM companies in the world and has been able to help thousands of its members who have participated in its MLM business. Vijay Eswaran believes that one of the reasons why the company has achieved such success is due to its MLM business model, which has helped make its work culture the same as one big family working together.

Vijay Eswaran is a highly qualified and intelligent personality, and he has studied MBA in the United States from Southern Illinois University and has studied socio-economics from the London School of Economics. Vijay Eswaran wants that people understand the importance of spirituality in life as it is what has helped him guide through the challenging times. Vijay believes that if a person who hails from a humble Indian family based in Malaysia can become as successful as he is today, then anyone can achieve such success. The journey to the success of Vijay Eswaran can be learned from the several books he has written, where he shares his experiences as well as the knowledge he has gained over the years he has been active in the business world.

The books that he has written are In the Sphere of Silence, Two Minutes in the Abyss, On the Wings of Thought, and a few others. The QI Group has grown massively in the last few years and has become involved in several sectors, such as telecommunication, publishing, retail, luxury products, real estate, health and wellness products, and more. Vijay Eswaran loves to meditate every morning, and he feels that it helps calms him down. He is a follower of Mandela and Gandhi and thinks that people need to use their eyes and ears more than their mouth. When he was studying in the United States, he came to know how Americans expressed themselves with words and body language. He taught himself the art of expression that has helped him immensely in his business.

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Rebel Wilson Celebrates Birthday with Catzercise

On March 2nd, Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday and shared the experience with her fans through several posts on Instagram. Alongside attending a cake making class, the Isn’t It Romantic? star shared her Catzercise experience with her friends. After rehearsing their routine for 30 minutes, Wilson uploaded their small performance to Instagram along with sending praises to the workout.

The new way to get that hot Summer bod: CATZERCISE. Don’t be a pussy and try it.” She posted this caption attached to one of the pictures taken with her and her friends. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The exercise was most likely a homage to Rebel Wilson’s upcoming role in the 2019 production of the iconic musical CATS. In the play, Wilson will play as Jennyanydots alongside some other familiar names such as Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, and Ian McKellen with a few another notable names as well. The film is expected to hit theaters December 20th this year.

Wilson has long since shown she has the chops for comedy ever since she bursted onto the film scene. Rebel was born back in 1980 and grew up in Sydney, Australia.

She graduated the Australian Theatre for Young People before she studied and trained alongside a group known as The Second City, which is a comedy improv group while she was studying in New York through her school’s ATYP International Scholarship Wilson started gaining some public traction in 2002 through her own written stage musical, The Westie Monologues. In 2003, Wilson got her true start in the industry playing in comedy shows such as Fat Pizza and The Wedge as the character known as Toula.

She didn’t see a true boom to her acting career until she made the move to Hollywood.

While she was in a few notable movies like Ice Age: Continental Drift and Bachelorette, the role that actually brought her to the international fame was her role as Fat Amy in the modern classic Pitch Perfect franchise.

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Rebel Wilson To Play Jennyanydots In Universal-Working Title’s ‘Cats’

Article Title: Stevie Ritchie Papa John’s New Saviour

Article Text:

Papa John’s president and CEO Stevie Ritchie has certainly made a big move when it came to naming the company’s new spokesperson; Ritchie named legendary NBA big man, Shaquille O’Neal as the company’s first African-American board member as well as inking the Hall of Famer to an 8.25 million dollar deal to become the new spokesman of the Lousville based pizza brand.

In July of 2018 the company endured some hardships when chairman and founder, John Schnatter had used a racial slur during a training session. Soon after, stock values began to drop, Shanatter was removed from all promotional materials, and the company began to immediately work on doing damage control. That’s when Stevie Ritchie was named Papa John’s new CEO and president. The news of the racially driven statement wasn’t the first such issue to be attached to Shcnatter. Roughly eight months earlier, he had been heavily criticized for blaming a recent dip in sales on the way the NFL handled the protests that took place during the national anthem.

Papa John’s and Stevie Ritchie knew they needed do take some drastic measures to begin to repair the brand, and Shaq was an obvious choice. O’Neal wanted to do something to help out because he was motivated to try to help the 800 franchise owners because, “they did nothing wrong.” O’Neal is excited to be the one to help them get things back on track.

Stevie Ritchie discussed this concept with O’Neal at a Super Bowl party in Atlanta. O’Neal discussed becoming a Papa John’s franchise owner with Stevie Ritchie who was already looking for someone to join the board that had an entrepreneurial spirit in addition to bringing some much needed diversity to the board.

Ritchie has been working tirelessly to increase diversity on multiple fronts; he has already taken the board from only having one woman to having five, two of which are African American. But obviously Shaq is the biggest splash Stevie Ritchie has made to date. O’Neal offers an easily recognizable face who also has restaurant experience. Stevie Ritchie was tasked with saving Papa John’s, and this is certainly a great step in that direction.

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Rebel Wilson welcomes 39 with a cat themed party and workout

An article from People summarizes a special event that Rebel Wilson had to commemorate her 39th birthday with a new workout called ‘Catzercise.’ The actress shared different photos on Instagram with a unique workout that included a cake making class along with it.

Ironically she is set to be in a movie called “Cats” that will release this year and this was a nod to it on her birthday. Rebel Wilson and other friends were documented showing off dance moves dressed as cats with Wilson wearing pink armbands and cat ears according to the article. It is clear that from the two videos that she posted that it seemed to be a lot of fun to embrace another year in a unique way with a workout.

Rebel Wilson in another post also thanked a company called Milkbarstore for allowing her to craft her own birthday cake as she took a class there. Much of the cast of Cats are looking forward to the movie as Wilson posted a picture on the social media platform to show off the excitement.

Rebel Wilson will be staring as Jennyanydots in the film with an all-star cast that includes Taylor Swift, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, and others. Wilson is well-known as the star in the movie series “Pitch Perfect” as she had a lot of praise for Taylor Swift for her contribution to the movie and that the pop/country star brings a lot to the table. Swift actually surprised them at a moment with gifts to show her appreciation to the others as “Cats” is set to arrive on December 20.

An article from The List recounts the life of Rebel Wilson and her rise to stardom as she has played a number of different roles. Born in Australia, she was shy at a young age with three siblings as her parents raised dogs. Taking an acting class against her wishes proved to be the best thing for her as she became a talented and humorous actress.

Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

At school, she got involved in clubs such as debate to be more active and had developed the confidence over time that she is well-known for. She attended an all-girls high school and that is where she realized that she had to pursue her dreams.

Rebel Wilson’s life had not been so easy along the journey to acting as she wasn’t meant for serious roles as people would just laugh at her instead and to make matters worse she had gotten malaria while in Africa during a trip in a program. At college, she realized her niche was in comedy and the rest is history.

Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

 The work of Heather Parry

Heather Parry is a television and film producer. Currently, she serves as the president of Live Nations productions which she launched in December 2015. This film and television division of live entertainment has worked on various projects. They include; Diddy Combs documentary, Can’t Stop Won’t stop, The After Party, Five Foot Two to mention a few. Heather is brilliant and is driven by the hunger to do big things.

Diddy Combs, whom they work closely with admits that Heather’s presence alone commands your full attention. One of her booming work is her division involvement in A Star is Born, one of the biggest films of the year.

When she got the news that Bradley was going to direct the film, she reached out and enquired how Live Nations could be part of the whole process. With a motive to offer marketing services through the company’s concerts, venues, festivals and assets she had meetings and extended her media marketing deck. Heather Parry admits she was passionate about A star is born from the very start.

In one of the latest documentaries for Live Nations Productions, Believer, the company has brought out an outstanding reception. Working together with Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds and the lead singer of Neon Trees Tyler Gren. Heather Parry mentions that Dan Reynolds has what it takes to change the situation in the Mormon church, with the rising suicide among the teens in Utah.

Heather Parry admits Live Nations is her perfect home, after working in several places like MTV and Happy Madison. In addition to the fact that she and the C.E.O to Live Nations Michael Rapino work so well together. She says there are plans she would want to bring to completion in Five Nations. She adds that this is a place where things are continually happening.


Matthew Fleeger Contribution towards Supporting Children Fighting Cancer

Matthew H. Fleeger is the CEO, President and the Director of Gulf Coast Western. This is a limited liability company that deals with development, exploration, and acquisition of oil and gas. The operations are mainly in the Gulf coast of the United States.

Matthew Fleeger has a vast experience in joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. He is also an expert of several debts and equity placements that can be used to fund private companies looking to develop or grow. He is also Who is Who of Business Professionals member.

Matthew Fleeger is a corporate donor to Sadie Keller foundation that seeks to fund scientists working on pediatric cancer as well as raise awareness on the same. The foundation is based in North Texas and was founded to support children and families of the kids fighting cancer.

The foundation is named after its major driving force, 11year old Sadie Keller. Sadie is a survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia which she was diagnosed with at the age of seven years. This diagnosis made Sadie spend a lot of time outside elementary school going through chemotherapy. Fortunately, she managed to fight the disease and by May 2017 was free of cancer.

During her time battling leukemia, Sadie started documenting her journey through videos to inform other kids on the disease. The videos went viral and were aired during Jimmy V week that was creating the consciousness of cancer research.

One of the ways of lobbying for funds by Sadie Keller was the recent campaign dubbed Sadie’s Sleigh toy drive. The event was hosted by Matthew Fleeger. The drive raised $14,000 and another $25,000 donated to the foundation that surpassed the goal of 13,000 toys. Such funds drive and corporate donors such as Matthew Fleeger keeps the activities at Sadie Keller foundation moving.

Cancer patients and more so children go through a lot of painful treatment processes. The contributions of foundations such as Sadie Keller’s and support system such as Matthew Fleeger brings hope to such patients and makes the journey worthwhile.

PSI-Pay Investment in Customer Security

Some people don’t understand the essence of a digital wallet yet they still play the same conventional role as leather wallets. PSI Pay provide one reliable platform for credit, debit and loyalty vouchers. More so, they enhance security by enabling the user clients to renew various card and nature with one mobile gadget. Digital billfolds as expected vary on global location based on the diversity of customer behavior.

Many people from Europe prefer digital wallets that carry cash balances and have the ability to contain different currencies such as pounds and euros. Customers connect their debit cards to these wallets and withdraw money. However, users pay for these services using their account balance. PSI Pay service providers must be ready to solve customers’ concerns and conflicts and chargebacks. People use an array of methods to deposit money. Some transfer the cash out of their conventional bank accounts. A growing number of digital wallet users are using them to transform cryptocurrency balance into cash that they can use in hotels. There is also the option of depositing by charging it to a credit card.

Although European style wallet does not offer the same benefits as in the traditional banking system, they can replace them. Some customers and small enterprises have closed their traditional bank accounts and entirely rely on digital wallets to carry out all the financial engagements. To get the best out of this service though, one needs to be in a region where the majority of the business people ogre well with mobile payments. The user ought to exercise caution as much of electronic money is not insured. Nerd wallet reports that competitors like PayPal and Venmo don’t have the insurance. To know more about PSI Pay visit

The European Union has not expanded deposit insurance program to cover mobile wallets. Nevertheless, service providers must separate the money from their funds and put it in a well-guarded bank account. Regulators limit the services of digital wallet providers such as paying interest to users who keep their money in the wallets. Other financial firms provide these services. They, however, incentivize their services by reducing the fees for people with huge balances.

PSI Pay is a financial technology company whose customers have less worry about shifting to digital banking because of regulation from the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Mastercard has given PSI Pay the power to supply enterprises with prepaid cards. PSI-Pay and Ecopayz were given authority by British authorities to provide electronic money. PSI-Pay has seen tremendous growth since then.