Sam Tabar Has Come FullCycle As COO Of New Company

When Sam Tabar was named FullCycle Energy Fund’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2015 he was excited to take on the role. The future of FullCycle’s strategies in fund management are now in his capable hands. When the transition was announced, Tabar expressed his feelings of honor and excitement in being given such a leadership role in the company’s future. He also pointed out that his leadership team will be much more focused on more sustainable, Eco-friendly fuels. His plan is to move the business entirely away from expensive, polluting, and ever-dwindling fossil fuels.

His career spans many years and has benefited many of the top financial sector institutions on Wall Street. At Merrill Lynch, his title was Head of Capital Strategy. He produced special introductions to large well-to-do family offices, various foundations, special endowments, pension funds, and other such institutions.

He had been at the Sparx Group (PMA), before Merrill Lynch. Sparx is the biggest Asia Pacific fund that is also classified as Independent. His world marketing knowledge and skills were honed working with these many global markets. All of this was accomplished almost as a second career, after working in law as a licensed attorney. He cut his teeth on legal cases while working for Schulte, Roth & Zabel. He also worked for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom.

Sam Tabar maintains his membership in the New York State Bar. He was educated at Oxford University, gaining a BA.

Civil and Criminal Justice Technology with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for monitoring, correction, public safety, and investigations. The company, through the implementation of Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs, announced it is saving its clients’ money and real time. According to the Vice President of Securus, the firm is solely committed to increasingly providing the latest technology and features to its customers.

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Correctional facilities usually utilize paper forms for several inmate requests such as medical, sign up forms, handbook acceptance, grievances among others. A lot of time is wasted as our correctional officers distribute, collect, route, log, respond, copy, file, and store these paper forms. With the new technology, it will be quicker and easier to make a custom request form for our inmates. In a case where a form needs to be changed, there is no printing required and it takes just a few minutes. The Securus ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance app transforms how we manually process papers to a digital automation.

The application will make a significant impact in our correctional facilities in addition to speeding up the various process. The firm processes and automates 13.8 forms on average per month per inmate, saving our correction staff valuable time that they can dedicate to security and safety. Our inmates as well can benefit from the self-service access to forms and the ability to view the status of their forms and grievances and appeal or accept them.

ConnectUs is the most fantastic and robust inmate platform of its kind in the market. The platform allows inmates in our correctional facilities to access a limitless set of apps as designated by each facility. The platform allows inmates to access services and features that were previously unavailable and while ensuring that our facilities have full access to the kind of content the inmates gets. Securus, based in Dallas, serves over 3,450 agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates throughout North America.

Mind the Money Monster

Back in May, a new movie came out showcasing the hurdles small-time investors can face when attempting to dive into the investment markets on Wall Street. The movie is “Money Monster” and while it is fiction, some of the issues it touches on are not. Some of them are just as much an issue in the real world as they are in the world of Money Monster.

Forefront Capital is a financial service firm spanning the globe. It provides access to investments usually reserved for the 1% who can afford all the minimum requirements for all investment options. Most of the population doesn’t make enough in a year or have the required net worth to be an “accredited” investor, and according to creator and CEO Bradley Reifler, the majority in the investment world doesn’t believe the people who can’t meet that requirement are smart enough to invest in products with higher risk. This heavily limits the opportunities of the average American. Reifler believed that was wrong.

Cue Forefront Capital. Founded in 2009 by Reifler himself, he gives you the opportunity to invest in the higher-risk opportunities at a lower risk to yourself: your investment can be as little as $2,500. Of course, no investment is entirely risk free, but the people working at Forefront Capital have a vested interest in your investments: they don’t make money unless you do.

Reifler has been working in investments for more than three decades, so he knows his stuff. In 1982, he founded the Reifler Trading Corporation, which ran well until it’s sale in 2000 to Refco, a company founded by his own grandfather. Reifler served as CEO of Pali Capital, another company of his own, for the thirteen years between 1995 to 2008, where he earned the company millions of dollars in profits and expanded his reach through the US, the UK, and Australia, learning how to work Wall Street for the qualified rich.

If you’re still not convinced, check out Brad’s career breakdown on Bloomberg, to see why he’s such a sought after professional.