Norka Luque’s Deep Passion For Music

While launching her album, ‘Miracle,” Norka Luque gave credit to her roots. She attributes her success to her great family where she was taught values and different cultures that have guided her throughout her music journey. The Venezuelan singer is based in the U.S. In an interview, she asserted that her producer Emilio Estefan collaborated with several top producers like Ricardo brothers, Alberto Gaitan and Archie Pena to help her record an album.


The album “Miracle” is a mix of different rhythms, making it difficult for one to define its genre. It is a fusion of blues, rock, ballads, pop and tropical. Norka’s passion for music is in born. When growing up, she used to participate in singing competitions. Later, she moved to France in order to pursue her higher studies. While in college, she still had time to work on her music. Through a band, Norka had performed on several platforms where she gained more experience as a lead singer.


 Luque returned to the U.S. and enrolled for singing lessons. Her passion and skill in music matched Emilio’s expectations. The influential producer invited her to his studio the following week. Going over her life experiences, Norka talked about a severe personal experience that resulted in a massive weight gain. Due to her state as a public figure, Norka Luque was determined to do anything possible to shed weight. With the help of a personal trainer, she managed to lose 32 kilos. She is still working out to get to 77kgs. Norka’s personal trainer works with other renowned artists such as Beyonce and Shakira.


Talking about her talented producer Emilio, Norka Luque posited that he has played a pivotal role in her musical career. She dedicated the album to him. Norka appreciated Emilio’s hard work and patience besides his sound decisions. She was grateful for the role played by Emilio during the making of a promotional video for her new album, which is already being played in local radio stations. The salsa song, written by Archie Pena, saw her rise from ninth to second position on the Billboard Top Salsa Record in Venezuela. The same song is receiving airplay in the U.S. where it rose from number 42 to 29 in just seven days. In 2011, Premios Lo Nuestro nominated Norka as the Female Pop Artist of the Year. This information was originally published on Elimpulso as outlined in the link below

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