Securus Technology Rides the Tech Road to Crime Prevention

Securus Technology is one of the few crime prevention companies that realize that crime is more than just a thing of opportunity but a planned intentional act. Therefore those that fight on the front roads of crime should not be reactive but proactive in using technology to both prevent and deter crime within an inmate prison environment and outside of it as well.


Thier focus is on the practical application of technology in deterring crime by using things like LBS software and phone monitoring of all incoming and outgoing calls from inmates. This unique inmate to inmate monitoring allows for the inmates to share valuable information and “tell on themselves” through their conversations and interactions negating the need for physical presence and interrogations by the correctional officers and other law enforcement officials.


Some of the methods used include recording inmate calls.  To read more about the use of this awesome call recording technology click here: Testimonials


There is a saying that goes “When the cat is away, the mice will play”. It’s evident that these passive call monitoring systems used are an effective technology hands off approach to preventing crime and keeping our families and neighborhoods safe. The road to successful crime prevention goes through Securus Technologies for their innovation and skill at being proactive instead of reactive in the crime fighting arena.

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