What you should know about Dore Deere and the Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of the Lime Crime Makeup Company. Her great passion and affection for color have caught many global fans’ attention. She has a unique vision and exceptional personal values. This has led the business in being one of the leading beauties Company in the US. In her effort to identify cosmetics that could match her cosmetic interests, Dore founded the firm in 2008. They produced Unicorn Lipsticks providing a variety of lip colors with unique packaging.

She is committed to making her customers satisfied. Moreover, she firmly believes in success to reinvent her make while still maintaining their quality. Consequently, she has introduced a new brand in the market, Liquid lipstick. The new product does not disintegrate, and it smoothens the lips making consumers comfortable. She widely performed the product’s lab tests before launching it. This was to ensure that it does not contain any constituents derived from animals.

Doe is named as the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneur among other Females in the US

Before launching Lime Crime, Deere was a musician in New York. In her interview, she says that she gained a lot of knowledge about career and marketing. She has had a great dream in entrepreneurship since her childhood. In fact, she started her first enterprise in Russia when she was thirteen years old. She used to sell temporary tattoos. They were not common during that time, and the business was great fun. She could wear them to market them to her classmates.

She ran the business for four years and then started the Lime Care. The bright colors are all Doe wanted, but they were not easy to find. The makeup industry in New York only focused on producing products that could make one look natural. As a result, Doe decided to make light color makeups. This was to meet the needs of other girls who had the same interests as hers.

For this reason, she was named as the greatest woman entrepreneur in a New York Magazine. She is proud for being recognized for her efforts in the business sector. Also, she is hoping to become a role model for other females with a passion for business. Having operated the company through the internet, she has been able to offer customer feedback. This has increased her operations earning her high profits.

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