Nathaniel Ru Speaks On Customer Service At Wharton Marketing Conference

In this era with technology and people shifting towards health and sustainability, business people need to use what they have to maximize their profits. It takes a need from one person to come up with a multi million dollar idea which when applied correctly can turn out great. Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman urge to find some nice eatery that communicated their kind of fun bore the idea of Sweetgreen.



Addressing entrepreneurs at Wharton Marketing Conference, Ru agrees that the way a business enters a market determines its level of success. Ru and his partners decided to open their first kitchen outlet in downtown at M Street. Most food chains are strategically located in uptown near busy roads at every corner. However, they decided to locate theirs in downtown, where they would attract both lunch hour clients and dinner time clients on their way home. A strategy that Ru believes is one of the reasons the company is doing so well.



Ru believes that people are not only interested in what entrepreneurs sell but also the values they communicate to them. Sweetgreen is a kitchen outlet, designed in a way that clients can see how their meals are being made. The mobile app is also designed in a way that the customers can feel the experience as though they are in the restaurant. Moreover, the partners encourage their employees to ensure they establish strong customer service, and help their clients as much as they can. Opening doors, helping out with luggage are some of the little gestures that they encourage which go a long way with the customers.



Ru, together with his partners were all students at Georgetown. Ru graduated with a degree in business finance. Ru and his partners are up to the task of revolutionizing the food and restaurant industry. Through market research, they know what their clients want and do their very best to make sure they get what they are seeking. From one outlet, Ru and his partners have expanded the restaurant into different other locations with more than 1,700 employees.



Sweetgreen has expanded their services to include a music festival called the Sweetlife that celebrates great meals and music as well. Ru has also played a major role in enlightening the society on healthy eating habits. Sweetgreen has a project segment that involves teaching students in high schools how to indulge in healthy meals and to live better lifestyles.

Innovacare Health Records Massive Growth With The Help Of Rick Shinto

Leading a company that is not established yet until it grows to become a stable entity is a process that takes time and resources. Many professionals on in diverse industries find it challenging especially to overcome the fast growth and changes that happen. In a case of technology, those who do not prepare well or embrace up to date practices are easily phased out. Competition in a world where there is sophisticated technology may seem one of the most difficult things to circumvent, but with the right measures, it becomes easy to handle the pressure.

InnovaCare Health is an example of a company that grew from a basic position to become a leader in healthcare services provision across Puerto Rico. Initially, the company served a small region and was not as equipped to handle the many challenges that come with working in a complex and competitive environment. With these few resources and capabilities on, it proved difficult to beat leading managed healthcare services providers. However, in 2010 the leadership team of the company was upgraded with new professionals, who brought the needed support to elevate the performance of InnovaCare Health.

Rick Shinto
Among leaders who supported the development of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto is one of the most important professionals in the company since he came in with new ideas and methods of dealing with problems. Rick Shinto was appointed to head the company in 2012 and his tenure since then has comprised of offering new ideas that led to an upgrade to the services system. Rick Shinto worked with NAMM California and was the CEO at Aveta Inc before InnovaCare Health picked him to lead the company.

Penelope Kokkinides
With support from Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto has implemented new measures that have seen InnovaCare Health perform better. Penelope Kokkinides was appointed to serve as the company’s chief administrative officer in the same period Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Health. She has been strategizing and drafting measures of control that are today working to offer customers better access to vital services and healthcare plans.

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More about InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health was founded on the need to offer high quality services and plans to the people of Puerto Rico. The company has seen changes over the past five years that have allowed it to rank among the most established providers of managed healthcare services in the country. InnovaCare Health works with leading professionals to build a stable healthcare system that has proved beneficial to different categories of users.

Who is James Dondero?

What would you do with your money if you had millions of dollars in your bank? Well, this is a question that often gets in the way of many rich men including James Dondero of Highland Capital Management. He has been with this company for over three decades and has managed to acquire experience in the credit and equity markets. Learn more about James Dandero:

He founded this company back in the year 1993 with the help of his friend Mark Okada. Over the years, he has dealt with various issues which include private equity funds as well as mutual funds and REITs, ETFs and institutional separate accounts.

Just the other day, this good man had the opportunity of donating $1 million dollars to the Family place that is based in Dallas, Texas. This fund will be used by the family place to help them raise the $2.8 million targets to be used in the fight against domestic violence.

According to NexBank, for every dollar that the family place makes, James Dondero and the Highland capital management promised to make a donation of half a dollar. He made this announcement during a luncheon organized by the Family place and one that was held at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Texas.

Notable people in the Dallas area had noticed that domestic violence was on the increase and something had to be done. This included the Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and the Police chief of the area David Brown. The money that was raised by James Dondero will be used to build a center that will be referred to as the Anny Moody in remembrance of Ann Moody.

This facility will be used to house more victims of domestic violence and has even been constructed to include an animal shelter. This shelter is for the people with animals in their homes, and they are being domestically abused. This will ensure that they don’t hesitate to leave their abusive partners.

James Dondero has clients from all parts of the world as his firm has managed to establish offices in New York, Sao Paolo as well as Seoul and Singapore. James Dondero has lived his entire life in Dallas, Texas.

Distinguished Career

Helane Morrison decided to leave the Securities and Exchange Commission to join Hall Capital Partners in 2007. When she left the SEC, she left a distinguished career of high profile cases. She began her early career as both a lawyer in the public and private sector. She was a law clerk to both an appeals court judge and a Supreme Court judge. She left her public sector jobs to be a lawyer for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1991 where she became partner. She then left her private sector job to work at the SEC.


In 1996, she joined the San Fransisco SEC office in the hopes to restore confidence in the finance industry. She was responsible for enforcement in Northern California, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Northern Nevada areas. During her career, she brought several high profile cases. Some of her cases were fraud cases against McKesson HBOC and NextCard. She also fought against Silicon Valley companies in stock backdating cases. She has even filed against general counsel at Google for registration violations.


Major cases were not her only achievement at the SEC. Her team examined hundred’s of the nation’s registered entities and led risk assessment examinations to find potential problems. One of her colleagues, Lori Richards, gushed about her impressive record at the SEC. She has left behind a legacy of excellence. Her job at Hall Capital will be as the general counsel and chief compliance officer of the investment advisory firm. She will no doubt leave her mark of excellence there.


The Success of Jason Hope in Arizona

Jason Hope, like many others is an entrepreneur as well as a businessman who wants to make the world a better place by combining technology with business in order to make further advancements and to eve make the most basic necessity available to impoverished regions all over the world.

What sets Jason Hope a part is the fact that he is an expert when it comes to research and development which means that he is not only creating businesses, but he is also constantly in the field in order to figure out which type of business would be the most beneficial for others.

Jason Hope is not only a businessman who wants to improve his own standings, but is also a businessman who truly wants to listen to others and wants to make other individual’s dreams come true for those who also aspire to be a technological innovator.

As Jason Hope continues to write, technology is the future of the world, and he hopes that his accomplishments within the world of business will continue to improve humanity and will continue to make life easier to complete even the simplest task such as fetching clean water or having access to the internet.

Jason Hope has described himself as a futurist on multiple occasions which means that he is continuously looking for technological advancement that can be used in order to make the world a better and brighter place for many generations to come. As an individual who is from Arizona, Jason Hope also has the goal to build the many communities in Arizona. Some of the organizations that help with civil issues as well as education issues, are some of the organizations within the state of Arizona that receive many of Jason Hope’s generous donations of technology that is ensure to truly help others thrive.

Though Jason Hope is already a successful businessman by his own means, Jason Hope continues to look for new ideas that are given by other great thinkers all overt the world. With an interactive website that encourages individuals to submit their idea of technological advancement, Jason Hope will listen to all of them and look for the best one to go into business with. Jason Hope wants to launch a new and innovative idea to not only help the individual with the idea, but to make sure that others benefit from the idea in the future.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus to Utilize Big Data in Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Groupon, is now directing his expertise toward another endeavor, the fight against cancer. His new company, Tempus, is at the forefront of using big data processing to analyze cancer genomics and treatments and then to personalize cancer care for individual patients.

Big data is starting to become an integrated part of cancer study. Since the mapping of the human genome in 2003, the Federal Government began collecting specific anonymized data on cancer patients; the molecular structure of their cancer, their histories and their treatment. This past summer, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched the Genomic Data Commons, a free publicly accessible data base. The NCI hopes to have a collection of over a million comprehensive case studies within the next five years.

Speaking to a reporter, Eric Lefkofsky said “Physicians aren’t used to collecting that data at the outset of treatment…The possibility didn’t exist even 15 years ago. Sequencing somebody then would have cost millions of dollars, hundreds of millions even. Today the price is in the thousands of dollars—and falling.” He continued: “Where it gets clinically relevant is when you take that data and you actually help patients digest it and make decisions that impact what they do next. That’s what Tempus will do. We ask ourselves: How do you make this quantity of data digestible to an oncologist who has 50 patients at any given moment when their days are already overwhelming?”

Every cancer has its own genomic signature. Add that to the intricacies of patient health histories and different treatments, and there are numerous ways data can be analyzed to help develop courses of action tailored for specific patients.

Lefkofsky sees Tempus as a company that will utilize both technology and medical expertise, to improve patient outcomes. Earlier this year Lefkofsky hired Keven White, a top genetics researcher at the University of Chicago, to be Tempus’ president. Lefkofsky describes Tempus as a collaborative space “… you have computational biologists sitting next to software engineers, sitting next to data scientists, sitting next to operations folks, sitting next to physicians.” He added, “The amount of technology you use in deciding what movie to watch tonight is infinitely more powerful than the amount of technology we’ve been putting in the hands of physicians fighting cancer.”