Distinguished Career

Helane Morrison decided to leave the Securities and Exchange Commission to join Hall Capital Partners in 2007. When she left the SEC, she left a distinguished career of high profile cases. She began her early career as both a lawyer in the public and private sector. She was a law clerk to both an appeals court judge and a Supreme Court judge. She left her public sector jobs to be a lawyer for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1991 where she became partner. She then left her private sector job to work at the SEC.


In 1996, she joined the San Fransisco SEC office in the hopes to restore confidence in the finance industry. She was responsible for enforcement in Northern California, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Northern Nevada areas. During her career, she brought several high profile cases. Some of her cases were fraud cases against McKesson HBOC and NextCard. She also fought against Silicon Valley companies in stock backdating cases. She has even filed against general counsel at Google for registration violations.


Major cases were not her only achievement at the SEC. Her team examined hundred’s of the nation’s registered entities and led risk assessment examinations to find potential problems. One of her colleagues, Lori Richards, gushed about her impressive record at the SEC. She has left behind a legacy of excellence. Her job at Hall Capital will be as the general counsel and chief compliance officer of the investment advisory firm. She will no doubt leave her mark of excellence there.


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