Nathaniel Ru Speaks On Customer Service At Wharton Marketing Conference

In this era with technology and people shifting towards health and sustainability, business people need to use what they have to maximize their profits. It takes a need from one person to come up with a multi million dollar idea which when applied correctly can turn out great. Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman urge to find some nice eatery that communicated their kind of fun bore the idea of Sweetgreen.



Addressing entrepreneurs at Wharton Marketing Conference, Ru agrees that the way a business enters a market determines its level of success. Ru and his partners decided to open their first kitchen outlet in downtown at M Street. Most food chains are strategically located in uptown near busy roads at every corner. However, they decided to locate theirs in downtown, where they would attract both lunch hour clients and dinner time clients on their way home. A strategy that Ru believes is one of the reasons the company is doing so well.



Ru believes that people are not only interested in what entrepreneurs sell but also the values they communicate to them. Sweetgreen is a kitchen outlet, designed in a way that clients can see how their meals are being made. The mobile app is also designed in a way that the customers can feel the experience as though they are in the restaurant. Moreover, the partners encourage their employees to ensure they establish strong customer service, and help their clients as much as they can. Opening doors, helping out with luggage are some of the little gestures that they encourage which go a long way with the customers.



Ru, together with his partners were all students at Georgetown. Ru graduated with a degree in business finance. Ru and his partners are up to the task of revolutionizing the food and restaurant industry. Through market research, they know what their clients want and do their very best to make sure they get what they are seeking. From one outlet, Ru and his partners have expanded the restaurant into different other locations with more than 1,700 employees.



Sweetgreen has expanded their services to include a music festival called the Sweetlife that celebrates great meals and music as well. Ru has also played a major role in enlightening the society on healthy eating habits. Sweetgreen has a project segment that involves teaching students in high schools how to indulge in healthy meals and to live better lifestyles.

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