How Nationwide Title Clearing is Giving Back to the Mortgage Industry How Nationwide Title Clearing is Giving Back to the Mortgage Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading post-closing services providers, investors, and financial institutions. The firm is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. Some of the services that they provide include lien releasing, document searching, and tracking. Errors in titles have led to many foreclosures and are considered to be one of the main reasons why the mortgage industry has not grown to its full potential. Many factors could cause a title to be rendered invalid. Some include failure to remove all encumbrances, failure to include necessary signatories, and using wording that is not compliant with real estate standards in the area.


NTC realized that this was a major issue affecting the industry and that is why they made property reports accessible through online ordering. People can now access the various property reports online including the Tax Status Report, the Current Owner Report, and the Assignment Verification Report Services. John Hillman is the CEO of NTC. He said that the goal of the company was making sure that securing property reports is a fast and simple process. He stated that the services are accessible for all residential properties in the country and are compiled from actual land records. NTC has integrated technology into its data collection process which has allowed them to work with the top mortgage lenders because the regulations are heavily audited. Another reason for their success is their understanding of the needs of the user which allows them to tailor property reports with the appropriate data sets.


Nationwide Title Clearing opened a new branch in Dallas, Texas in early 2016. The new office houses a data center and will also accommodate up to 150 staff. The data center will serve as a disaster recovery site for staff and data in case of any incident. This is to allow them to provide the best services for their clients at all times. NTC has won many awards for their philanthropy and community involvement in Florida. NTC announced an innovative training program on the foundations of residential mortgage finance in September last year. The program runs for two days and seeks to improve the standards of the industry by training more people on the basics. The program was in development for a long time because they wanted to make sure that it was detailed and accurate. This is according to a statement released by the company.

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