FreedomPop Offers Affordable Phone and Internet Services

Back in the day when the internet was not well established or accessible freely to everyone, users had to make dial-ups to enable them to go online. The Internet is now accessible to everyone according to FreedomPop review.



FreedomPop is one of the service providers that offer free internet and other economic offers for you to get online connections. It is probably the best online service provider. Read more about FreedomPop below:



Available services

Once you sign up with the FreedomPop internet provider, you can access a number of services, some of which are not available with other providers. Since it offers a variety of mobile and internet packages, you have the freedom to choose the one that fits your needs.



How to purchase and earn additional data



If you are one of the heavy users of the internet, you need not worry as FreedomPop has something for you. Once you use the Freedom Friends program, you earn ten more MBs of data every month. The program rewards you for referring your friends to use FreedomPop. It can also be rewarding for you if you take surveys and download selected software.



FreedomPop Free Cell Phone Service


This package offers an entirely free cell phone service. The service has 500MB 4G data. Additionally, it has 200 minutes of talk time as well as unlimited texts. Depending on some specific conditions, receiving and sending some texts will use a few MBs. Since this service is free, subscribers do not need contracts, neither are there cancellation charges. It works with the Sprint network.



FreedomPop understands the needs of light internet users. It is for this reason that it offers 500MB of free data. This service, therefore, is more appropriate for you if your internet needs are not heavy. You will comfortably work with 500MB if your internet needs include Facebook, email and social media as compared to youtube and live streaming.



Always keep in mind the data allotment given to you every month. What if you pass the MBs allocated to you? You will have to top up your account with ten dollars once your free data is consumed. Even though the top up is done automatically, you will get an email notification. You will, therefore, have the freedom to unsubscribe before the charges hit your account. You are also at liberty to unsubscribe from the auto-charge, available from the website.



It also has an affordable wifi service at allows subscribers to sign on and access unlimited hotspots in the US. Enjoy a whole year of free mobile and internet service!




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