EOS Sells More Lip Balm than Chapstick

Would you think it an impossible task to create a better-selling product than one around for over 100 years already? Although not a feat accomplished every day, the EOS brand was able to make strives and do just that. The lip balm company is now the second top-selling product of its kind, surpassing sales from Chapstick and Blistex. Before the EOS lip balm arrival in 2009, these two brands were the top-selling lip balms.

Consumers didn’t waste any time grabbing the orb container of lip balm labeled EOS. With an affordable price, all-natural ingredients, and fun flavors that take your lips into another world, the EOS lip balm flew off shelves at Walgreens, the only store offering the product, after Cosmo and Allure magazine editors offered the product rave reviews and celebs like Miley Cyrus were photographed with an orb in-hand. Soon EOS was found online and in an array of stores such as Walmart and Target.



Today, just seven years after the beginning, EOS lip balm is a brand that is making strides that has become a better-selling product than one that you’ve probably come to know very well over the years. Change is inevitable, and oftentimes a good thing. In the case of EOS, change is a wonderful thing.


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  1. Although Chapstick has been around before the invention of Evolution of Smooths, the product has sold more than Chapstick. It did not come as a surprise to many as EOS according to this fantastic blog has the customer’s desire at heart. Among the many things that made EOS awesome is its container. It is produced to be customer friendly which I personally admire greatly.

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