A Look at Nationwide Title Clearing

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a company in the residential real estate industry which provides research, audit, and document processing to lenders, investors, and servicers. Their database contains information on every residential property in the United States including address, owners, title reports, and other documents needed for ownership and lending purposes. Nationwide Title Clearing, founded in 1991, is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company also has offices in other states including Dallas, Texas, where it maintains another mainframe computer with all the same property records as in Palm Harbor in case of a disaster. Nationwide Title Clearing has employees in 5 state and employs over 570 people.


In 2011 Nationwide Title Clearing started to completely revamp their workforce training process in order to meet the demands of the current market. The process culminated in 2015 with processes that adhere to all of the latest standards and regulations of the mortgage industry. In just 2014 their employees completed 2,300 industry-related courses. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, John Hillman, has said that there has been a notable increase in quality since the new training processes began. He went on to say that due to these changes homeowners are protected due to his company’s extremely low error rate when processing documents such as titles.


Nationwide Title Clearing has employees attend MBA Home Building & Remodeling Shows around the country. At a recent show in November 2016 they held a contest the winner of which would receive a free vacation to Clearwater Beach, Florida. The vacation package included a two night stay at a four-star resort as well as two round-trip tickets. The winner of the contest, Stephen Crowley was overjoyed with the trip and couldn’t wait to go along with his wife.


The leadership at Nationwide Title Clearing believes in giving back to the local community. As part of that they recently held a Back to School Drive in order to support disadvantaged students in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to collecting school supplies, they also sponsored two teachers and provided them with everything they would need to teach for the academic year. John Hillman, in talking about the importance of giving back, said that corporate social responsibility became an integral part of the company in 2011. He said that many of the employees at the company started there due to his company’s dedication to supporting the community and the values that they share.


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