The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

Diseases just like any other form of terror have caused significant agony and grief in our lives. Massive loss of life to incurable diseases is yet to cease. We look up to scientists and researchers and they assure not all hope is lost .Cancer is such a disease though curable if detected at an early stage, its damage is irreversible and read full article.

Cancer is a group of diseases that causes abnormal growth in cells of the human body causing unbearable pain and suffering to the patient. In treatment, high costs incurred which are never affordable by the majority of the population.

Cancer has affected many and due to this, Eric lefkofsky, an American entrepreneur founded Tempus. Tempus is a technological company that is making world largest library of molecular and clinical data. In addition, it has an operating system that avails this data to doctors and physicians that help fight cancer all over the world. He co-founded Tempus in 2016 and currently serves as its CEO.

Aside from Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been hugely involved in spearheading various developments in his hometown Chicago. He is on the board of directors at Children Memorial Hospital in Chicago and also a member of the Council of World Business Chicago. In 2008, He was an aggressive member of a committee that made it possible for Chicago to host 2016 summer Olympics.

Together with his wife, he started Eric lefkofsky trust that serves to support charitable foundations all over the world. His dedication to humanity has borne fruits as more than 50 charity organizations have benefited from this.

In his book, Accelerated Disruption, Eric Lefkofsky provides an in-depth analysis of how technology has affected various business. It also provides guidelines to entrepreneurs on how to properly manage challenges that come up in the initial stages of business.

We live in an imperfect world and although we can not change everything to suit us best, we can help others that are in need. Other than business and philanthropy, Eric Lefkofsky is an accomplished lecturer at American university’s. Eric teaches of how technology can be used to impact human life and more information Facebook on his.

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