Fabletics – A Fashion Brand That’s Here To Stay And Give Giants Like Amazon A Tough Time

Fabletics has bought a revolution in the fashion industry by offering a highly stylish and unique collection of “Athleisure” products. The company has been growing manifolds since its inception in 2013 and is giving a tough run for its money to brands such as Amazon, which already has more than 20 percent share in the online fashion retail market. Fabletics serves globally and has members from across the globe. One of the primary reasons for its success is its unique and affordable subscription model, which has allowed thousand of women to get just the kind of fashion athleisure products they love at their doorstep each month, without spending a fortune.


The subscription model followed by Fabletics is unique because it takes the lifestyle, body type and preferences of the customers into account before sending a collection in an email to the customers from which the members choose what they want. The customers are under no obligation to buy each month and can skip any month they want and can cancel their membership too anytime they want, without being charged. The idea is to provide convenience to the members while personalizing the shopping experience like never before.


The company is co-founded and owned by Kate Hudson, who is known worldwide for her prowess in acting arena and is a famous Hollywood Celebrity. Apart from being a famous Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson is a fitness diva and continues to inspire millions of women worldwide because of her spectacular fitness level, figure, and achievements in the fitness space. Being associated with Fabletics as an owner has certainly helped Fabletics rise to fame in a relatively short time.


The Fabletics, as mentioned by the General Manager of the brand, Gregg Throgmartin, always aimed at being an aspirational brand that offers high value to its customers. And, today, it is successfully doing so for thousands of its members and clients. Fabletics has singlehandedly changed the dynamics of brand identity in the world of fashion, and it no longer means that to buy high-value brand products, one has to spend a fortune. It is because Fabletics as a brand is comparatively economical yet makes no compromise in quality or design.


The company followed the footsteps of other leading brands like Warby Parker and Apple and implemented reverse showroom technique soon after it launched. The primary aim of Fabletics was to establish itself in the online retail space and make a considerably sized customer base and after that open physical outlets. The marketing hype around the brand was further channelized through opening 18 stores in modern fashion markets, such as California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida. Fabletics can convert over 30 percent of the customers that step into its physical outlet into a VIP member, which is helped the brand expand and grow at a steady pace.


The members of Fabletics, as per the reviews saw online, are highly satisfied with the company’s offerings, collection, and prices. If you are looking to become a member of Fabletics as well, don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz offered by Fabletics that allows you to personalize the shopping experience at its site with ease.

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