French Wine Guide As Given By UKV PLC

French wine description can be a daunting task even for the most experienced connoisseurs as French wine is complex from its production to labelling which in most cases is in French. For any person starting out to understand the subject therefore, it is necessary to grasp a couple of basics.

The UKV PLC advices that those starting out should consider starting out with the French appellation system. They need to be acquainted to the system first. Unlike most other wines, French wines are not labelled using the grape variety but instead are labelled based on the region. This also shows the areas and the regulations that the government has on the appellation process here.

The specific region idea come from the fact that it recognizes the different ways that the soil, climate and topography of the locality influences the quality of the wine eventually. The grapes from different regions give wine a unique character. French sommelier will obviously make an argument that the region where wine is produced is equally important as the type of grapes used to produce it. It may be true that wonderfully tasting wine is produced in almost all areas of France; there are a few areas that beginners need to note.

Burgundy is known for excellent red and white wines, both of which are equally important brands. Bordeaux is known for producing medium red wines and a variety of other grape wines. The northeastern part of France produces the finest sparkling champagne. Loire also produces almost all kinds of wines. Buying your wines through UKV PLC exposes you to a variety of excellent wines and an unlimited supply of wines.

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