Capital Group a strong believer in Warren Buffett’s strategies

American investor Warren Buffett wagered $1 million on a bet that he can make better investment returns than a handful of hedge fund managers who invest solely in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The bet will be decided this year, and Timothy Armour and others believe he will be collecting. Buffett has said he would donate the $1 million to charity.Warren Buffett is strongly in favor of low cost and simple investments that are made and held for a long stretch of time. Buffett also supports the bottom-up investing theory and building a strong portfolio. Buffett has become a strong supporter of household investing and has been telling Americans they need to save more for retirement. Warren Buffett tosses out the “active versus passive” argument, claiming they dont help investors.

Buffett has managed to find strong fund managers through filters which include low expenses and high manager ownership. Buffett has pointed out fund managers who invest large amounts of their own finances set themselves and a small group of fund managers who outpace and outperform the competition.Timothy Armour is Capital Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Tim Armour has over 32 years of investment experience, all gained from Capital Group. Armour began his career with Capital Group in their Associates Program. Early in Armour’s career, he worked as an equity investments analyst covering American service companies and global communications interests.

Tim Armour currently resides in Los Angeles, California and has given lectures on investment strategies across the country. The Capital Group elected Tim Armour as Chairman of the company in 2015. Armour received his bachelor’s degree in economics at Middlebury College. Tim Armour is supporting of Buffett’s strategies. Armour is ready and willing to help people investment smarter and intelligently than before. Tim Armour is one of America’s leading investment strategists.

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