Using Securus Technologies to Prevent and Solve Crimes

Each day that I work in our local jail I am putting my life on the line. Most people have no idea how dangerous it is behind those walls, and if an inmate gets their hands on a weapon, each officer could be working their last shift. This is why I put so much emphasis on trying to stop the flow of contraband into the jail through the visitor center.


Last year we increased our efforts to stop the flow of illegal contraband in the jail and placed more officers in the visitor center who were skilled at being able to locate items that should not be brought into the jail. The trouble we have is that even though we make it very clear these visitors who are caught could be facing a lengthy jail sentence, many will take the risk because they are trying to do right by the inmate.


Even after my team inspected each visitor and even ran them through the x-ray system, the contraband was actually on the rise. My superior asked me to try and make use of the new inmate phone system, so the team at Securus Technologies trained me on the LBS software and I began my new research.


It wasn’t long before we discovered chatter between inmates about bring in drugs was declining, but the contraband were showing up anyway. The covert alert feature tipped us off to something I would have never considered in the past. With the assistance of the software and by closely monitoring certain calls, we decided to obtain a search warrant for one of my staff members. This officer wad found to have contraband in his home he was selling to our inmates. With the help of the software, the call monitoring system, and the persistence of my team, this staff member is now sitting in his own jail cell awaiting trial.


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