Doe Deere’s Routine is the Key to Her Success

Lime Crime has become one of the biggest names in beauty products across the world. A large part of their success is the result of their creator and founder Doe Deere. Like many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, Doe is largely successful because of a specific daily routine that she follows. In particular, Doe Deere has a very specific morning routine that she follows that has helped her to become very successful. Deere recently sat down with Savoir Flair to share some insight into her mornings.

Like most successful people Doe Deere starts her day early, around 8:30 am. Her morning routine really begins the night before. She must make sure that she gets her full 9 hours of sleep in order to function. After that she wakes up with no alarm clock routinely at 8:30am. Once awake, one of her first jobs is to drink a glass of water. This is a common practice to make sure the body is hydrated and to boost metabolism. She considers herself very much a morning person so getting going in the morning is no problem.

Deere loves to get a healthy breakfast in every morning. Her favorite breakfast items include grits, fruit and orange juice. Her morning might also include some morning stretching including her favorite stretch the cat/camel. A busy leader, Deere then turns to her phone calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the day. She likes to stay in constant communication with her team using a company chat program. This allows her to know what’s going on in the office before she ever arrives. Outside a quick visit to her favorite social media app, Instagram, Deere tries to keep her mornings as free from digital information as possible.

Deere typically arrives at the office around noon. She has lunch and gets to work. Usually the goal is to get out of the office by 6 pm. However, if Deere gets on a role, she has been known to stay at the office as late as midnight. Her routine has been a fixture in her success and she attempts to stick to it as much as possible.

Deere’s company Lime Crime has been a major success. It’s mission has been to revolutionize the makeup world. This includes the way people shop for makeup and the way it makes them feel. Lime Crime is a very digital aware company and has become a leader in the beauty and digital space. Deere’s unique approach to business and leadership has allowed her company to become a leader in the beauty space. Deere believe in listening to her employees regardless of who they are. There is always something to learn if you have an open mind.

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