Eva Moskowitz Touts Charter Schools And Bipartisanship

We all hear about the heated rhetoric that comes out of Washington on a daily basis. Both political parties snipping at one another constantly over this issue or that. What we don’t often hear about are those who are working behind the scenes to get things done. They are often not politicians or even necessarily people with a lot of political clout, but instead are heroes like Eva Moskowitz.

What Eva Moskowitz cares about is school choice. She wants to see that children are able to access charter schools, particularly in areas where the public school system has simply failed. Eva Moskowitz has recently been touting the accomplishments she has had with the charter school known as Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz says that Success Academy is a great example to the nation of what can be done with charter schools. When people are given the choice as to where to send their children to school, Eva Moskowitz believes that is the very definition of freedom. She is gaining a lot of backers with this particular message as well. You see, people are hungry for a real choice when it comes to the education of their children. They often feel locked into a system where they either have to spend huge amounts of money on private schools or else send their child to a public school that is not working properly.

Moskowitz has brought her message to Capital Hill and to both political parties. In fact, she fights back against those who say that she is somehow allied with President Trump. She has had meetings with Republican leaders, but Moskowitz insists that she is a registered Democrat and even voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. She just wants to see her policy visions put into place no matter which party is in power at the moment.



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