Sawyer Howitt: The Meriwether Group And More

Just who exactly is Sawyer Howitt? For those readers not familiar with the Portland, Oregon vicinity, here is a bit of background on the individual in question. Sawyer Howitt is a graduate of Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, and a local up-and-coming sports celebrity.

The Meriwether Group
More specifically, he is presently working for his famous father David Howitt. David Howitt is perhaps best known for founding the cutting-edge, well-established Meriwether Group. Sawyer is currently serving in the position of company project manager.

“All Work And No Play”?
According to various sources familiar with both the Meriwether Group and the Howitt family, Sawyer Howitt is generally thought to be one of the smartest young men in his hometown. The reputation is due in part to his previous focus on school work, internships and overall interest in finance and business. But Sawyer Howitt is not now nor was he ever “all work and no play.”

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Sawyer Howitt: Also An Athlete
Howitt has also garnered a reputation as somewhat of an athlete too. He has a noteworthy talent for playing racquetball. He is a member of a local sports organization known as the Portland Oregon Racquetball Club.

Racquetball And Other Interests
Howitt honed his racquetball skills some time ago while he was still a student. He played on Lincoln high school racquetball team and some locals even give him credit as being an essential part of the team’s successes. When not managing various projects for his father’s company the Meriwether Group, he enjoys such other interests as watching the Portland Trail Blazers play pro basketball, going freshwater fishing, and, unsurprisingly, playing his most-loved sport, racquetball.

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