Securus Technologies Helping Officers Stop Crime

I work on an elite police force that has the job of taking down the most dangerous criminals in our country. We were notified that a dangerous suspect was in the city and hiding from authorities. He was responsible for holding up a local bank and taking the staff hostage while he cleaned out their vault. He used his gun on an undercover police office who luckily survived, and now we had to take action before this suspect hurt anyone else.


Usually we can rely on the public for help in these cases. This was going to be a struggle because it appeared the suspect was working in a town where he had no family or friends. His appearance was odd, but no one had any recent sightings after he left the bank. Hoping he did not skip town, we decided to go to the local prison to see if any inmates could help us to identify the suspect and point us in his direction. Usually inmates won’t offer any assistance in chasing a fugitive, so we had a little ace up our sleeves.


We knew that Securus Technologies installed the monitoring system in this jail the officers are using to listen to all calls the inmates are making. With thousands of these systems in jails all over the country, they are getting incredible results, and we hoped we would too. Since the objective of Securus Technologies is making the world safe, we wanted to see if it could do just that.


Hours after we left the jail, officers said they got an alert on the LBS software that showed one inmate did in fact have relations with the suspect, and he mentioned to his family to hide their cousin until the heat went away. It was the conversation that helped crack the case open.

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