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Julia Jackson, Proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, attended college at Scripps and Stanford, two of the best schools all around. She did not stop there. She has worked with many places ever since and now sides with non-profit Jackson Family Wines, along with countless other nonprofit institutions, to promote the proper sale and distribution of healthy wines all across America. She has been in countless recent news articles and capped pieces as well as several social media platforms, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. This young female professional is smart, savvy and prepared on all levels.

She holds that one of the best wines in Sonoma – if not the absolute best all around – is the wonderfully unique, rich and delightful Sauvignon Blanc. During her South Beach Seafood week, she likewise hopes to display quite the collection, including all the following wines and a few others as “surprises”:

Cabernet Sauvignon





Red and white Rhônes

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In addition, her late ancestor, Jess Jackson, got the whole wine business started when he decided to venture out and explore a bit of all that the wine country world had to offer. He then founded the wine home and business that the Jacksons currently use and is still remembered as their family hero. He called the business Kendall-Jackson and then went on to build several other wineries ever since, before his sad passing away a few years later; nonetheless, his inspiration, his spirit and his legacy love on to this day and are no less than pivotal factors in the direction of the company.

The 1982 Chardonnay was one of Jess Jackson’s favorites and is likewise one of Julia Jackson’s as well. I suppose great minds think alike. Julia Jackson inherited both his tastes and his talents for success.

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