Imran Khan’s Prowess in Medicine

Imran Haque is a doctor whose proficiency, adroitness and savvy has him termed as a master of all trades in the medical field. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals in North Carolina. He is also a licensed internist at the Horizon Internal Medicine Clinic, which mainly deals with the internal sector of medicine: surgery. It is done through the use of robotics and other non-invasive methods of surgery. Technology virtually improves with time and the clinic has embraced it. The clinic is up to speed when it comes to advancement in treatment methods. This helps in many ways, including accurate diagnosis and treatment, precision and impeccable performance.

This robot aided surgery method has been made popular in North Carolina by Dr. Imran Haque. How this machine works is quite simple, although one needs to have the expertise in traditional surgery. In layman’s language, this machine works in a mimicry way. The surgeon, who is in full control, behind the console does the surgery as the robot moves with the instruments held in its hands. The process generally requires the knowledge and skill of man incorporated with the robot’s precision and exactitude and to know more

To add onto his resume, Dr. Imran Haque has been serving in the medical field for more than a decade. With a degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana and an award in CMS Stage 1 EHR, he is known for the cosmetic surgeries as well as laser hair removal. He has been helping patients with weight management, Venus body contouring and treatment of diabetes. Imran khan is committed when it comes to assisting his patients suffering from diabetes overcome this ailment. The passionate Imran khan has dedicated his knowledge and skills to see his patients recover. His clinic, which is known for its cosmetic surgeries, also helps patients lose weight, lead a healthy life and manage various health conditions.

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