Vijay Eswaran Sees Great Value in the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Vijay Eswaran feels that educational institutions should offer programs that inspire students to become job creators rather than job seekers. This is what Eswaran, QI Group Chairman, drives his own business enterprises.

He feels strongly that students should be encouraged to take a risk and learn ways to create employment. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirt. However, those that do are the ones who help to create a better life for so many others.

Teaching students to work for someone else may have its place in the world. However, there are millions of students who could make an impact if they knew how to support a startup. He notes that the Chinese, South Koreans, Taiwanese, and Japanese all stem from cultures that teach their children to be their own bosses, to own businesses. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

On the other hand, individuals often must choose between a start-up and working for an established business. There are pros and cons to both actions. Ultimately, the student must realize that it is good to gain a basic understanding of business lifestyle business stages, whether for a startup or traditional business. Leadership is an important trait as well.

The true entrepreneurial mindset enables an individual to hatch an idea and see it through to the end. Another benefit that Vijay Eswaran sees in startups is that there is little delegation at the beginning, and formations stages. Everyone must be on the same page, and members of the team must take on a mental attitude that they will shoulder the vision.

Eswaran’s own experience working in a startup was fast-paced. The environment was dynamic, and constantly changed. There was a lot of action and communication was king.

This is in contrast to a slower-paced environment where things are more structured. In the end, the direction a person chooses is always a personal choice.

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