American Institute of Architects and its Vision Comprising the Future

Architecture has a strong bond with everyone else life as people spend a majority of their time inside buildings. It could be their homes, offices, stores, and more, and the surroundings have the power to recharge an individual and bring out the creativity from them. The environment created inside a building becomes vital for happiness, success, positive vibe, and more of a person who is living in it. Right architect and architecture ensure an excellent environment that ensures the well-being of the individual who lives inside a building. However, proper channeling of right ideas and trends in the market cannot be handled by an individual, and this is where the American Institute of Architects plays the primary role. View the journal of The American Institute of Architects:

AIA is a professional organization or group of the architects in the U.S. which is centered in Washington, D.C. It plays a prominent role in shaping the architecture industry and bringing healthy trends that can prosper the industry as a whole. It is known for offering government advocacy, public outreach to earn support for architecture profession, community development, and education in architecture. Currently, the professional organization is led by Robert Ivy, an executive with more than three decades of expertise in architecture, publishing related to architecture, working with architecture journals, and more. His visions and thoughts about architecture and prospects helped the AIA to implement futuristic trends in the whole industry. Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter for more updates.

Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the AIA designed a ten-year commitment in the year 2012 that centered on developing housing solutions with primary focus on resilience to natural disasters, sustainability, and public health in the urban areas of the country. During his period, the non-profit organization ramped up the plan to supporting university researches in architecture with grants as part of its educational mission. It also included designing a community plan in a major international city; the city is yet to be decided. In a recent interview, Robert Ivy discussed his thoughts and ideas about the architecture industry and the trends that are leading or transforming the industry in the recent years.

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He says that the architects around the world accepted the importance of architecture in the public health, and he communicated that smart architecture could significantly improve the public health. If the architects were behind formalism in the last decade, the new generation in the current decade gives greater importance to public health. Robert Ivy communicates that new architects have diverse interests and aspirations in the architecture ecosystem, but all of them are more socially engaged. He thinks that the architecture can also improve the conditions of non-communicable diseases as well. Ivy says that buildings that are designed to promote the physical activity of the inhabitants through walkup stairs and long corridors reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes.

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