The American Institute of Architects Sets Standards in the US Architectural Industry

The American Institute of Architects has its headquarters in Washington, DC. The organization is a nonprofit company tasked with advocacy work on behalf of professionals in the architectural field in the USA. Under its banner are licensed architects, emerging architects, and allied partners from professions such as engineering. However, the company has its specialties in architects, architecture, contract documents, continuing education, sustainability, and architecture-related events including award ceremonies.

Mandate and Responsibilities

The core function of the AIA is advocacy for the architectural industry in the USA. Consequently, the company is tasked with ensuring that the future of architects is championed by placing an emphasis on the value of design. The organization is also responsible for setting standards on matters contract documents in the industry. Consequently, the AIA has so far come up with more than 100 forms and contracts to be used in design and construction in the industry. Additionally, the organization has been hands on in ensuring professionals in the industry get access to continuing education opportunities, and has sponsored hundreds of architects in this to help them maintain their licenses. Emerging architectural professionals get access to web-based learning material in the industry through the organization’s continuing education program. Additionally, the AIA conducts awards programs in the industry to recognize exemplary work by professionals in the architectural space. It also hosts different events and conferences that bring together practitioners in the industry.

Robert Ivy’s Background and Work History

Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the AIA. He also serves as the EVP of the organization, and under his leadership, the company has undergone major transformations, more so in streamlining its governance structures. It has also bolstered its brand in such a way that it appeals to the general public as an influential, responsive, and proactive organization. Robert Ivy pursued his education in journalism and architecture at the University of the South and Tulane University respectively. Before joining AIA, he worked with McGraw Hill as a corporate executive and magazine editor. His work in architecture and journalism is highly respected, and he has been honored on different occasions such as by the Alpha Rho Chi, a national fraternity in architecture.

Connecting with the AIA

Those interested in finding out more about the AIA can engage the organization on different social media platforms. One can also read more about activities by the AIA on its online magazine, the Architect Magazine, which covers news, events, awards, and other activities taking place in the architectural industry in the USA. One can sign up for the daily newsletter for regular updates on the organization’s dealings.

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