The Success Story of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is an entrepreneur from Canada. He was, before, the chairperson and also held the position of the chief executive of UTC. Louis was also once the Head of Pratt and Whitney Canada.

He obtained his production management bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal. He also received his honorary doctorate from HEM Montreal in May 2011. Still, in 2011, a United States of America magazine that focuses on aviation news named him the person of the year due to his significant efforts and achievements in the field of study and profession.

Louis Chenevert was elected Pratt and Whitney’s president in 1999 after working there for six years. After seven years, Chenevert was elected CEO and the chairman of UTC. This was in March 2006. He later resigned as the CEO of UTC on December 8, 2014

In December 2011, Chenevert was under the chairperson of the business council. In September 2015, he became a banking advisor, and this is where he gained respect and trust. What he did was offer advice on other business in the industry and aerosol sectors.

During the period that he was the head of the company, UTC skillfully shifted its focus and energy on its crucial markets. This helped in leveraging financial and functional synergies. For many years, he has gained the name “think tank.”

Chenevert left an impressive history in the fact that under his leadership UTC was able to keep its position in the market as a leader in terms of innovation. It was able to be so in building and aerospace without leaving its original position.

Louis Chenevert spent enough time in the company to enable him to run their related corporations with an equal code, and this led to great achievements. This was also reflected i the relations of UTC. UTC was able to benefit from invention of new commodities and also their supplication. Due to this, UTC, under the leadership of Chenevert was able to benefit from the life cycle of all the products in its business lines leading to a turnover for the business as a whole.

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