How American Institute of Architects is Transforming the Society

In 1857, 13 architects came together and formed the American Institute of Architects. They aimed to support each other and also invite other architects in the organization. By working together, the effort would promote practical and scientific perfection among them.

Today, the organization is headquartered in Washington D.C. Its mission is to offer, government advocacy, and education; improve the public image of the profession, community redevelopment and public outreach. AIA understands that it cannot thrive alone. Therefore, it works with construction and design people in the construction industry.

By being an architect in America does not outrightly make you a member of AIA. One needs to express interest in membership and go through the requirements. Being a member of this institution is important because it ensures professional abide by the code of ethics. As they work with other professionals and clients, they should be in the required conduct.

Since the organization was formed, it has represented national interests of architects. The entity has managed to steer government practices influencing the architecture profession. It is observant of the regulations and legislation. The collective power of all the members is capable of participating in the state, federal and local decision making of policies. Visit Wikipedia for more info.

The first president was Richard Upjohn who passed on the mantle of leadership to his successor. The trend went on until it is now Robert Ivy turn. He is the CEO and the vice president of the institution. AIA made the right choice to choose Ivy for this leadership position. He has shown exceptional skills and capability thus far.

Ivy is a wise man with plenty of knowledge on various topics. He can switch a conversant from history to urban development, and not before long he has also integrated another one about architects. His leadership goals entail inspiring architects to think outside the box. They need to see beyond their profession. According to Robert Ivy, architecture is capable of participating in disaster management. It can offer relief solution to the advancing health.

Recently, the survey shows that architects are becoming more participative in the general economy of USA. The institution has committed itself to ten years of developing solutions to public health. Ivy believes that designs and architecture can play a major role in improving public health. Proper urban planning will reduce communicable diseases and enhance the quality of life. The organization will also be involved in programs in sustainability and managing natural disaster in urban areas.

Other activities AIA plans to participate in offering grants to a research university. It will also sponsor the development of an app or another software project. Supporting technology is part of advancing the architect profession. This field needs technology to increase its innovation and growth as an industry. Robert Ivy’s philosophy of architecture is not just putting up good buildings. He wants these buildings to make a real impact.

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