American Institute Of Architects: Looks At Tech Field To Provide Scope For Development

Robert Ivy is an incredibly well-known name in the field of architecture and is mainly known for being the executive vice president of the American Institute Of Architects. He has been working with the AIA for several years and has given them his incredible knowledge and expertise in the field. Ivy has been a part of the American Institute Of Architects for several years, and now as the Vice President of the organization wants to take the field to a whole new level. One of his most recent endeavors with the organization was to improve the way that architects work, by offering them software and apps which could make the tasks that they have to do a lot more efficient.

Under his guidance, the American Institute Of Architects decided to release a statement saying that they were out to collaborate with programmers and developers so that they could better the field as a whole. The AIA has always been geared towards development, and with this new goal in mind, can take the entire industry into the future.

Robert Ivy has always seen architecture as one of the core foundations of society. He has pointed out, on several occasions that good architecture can have a positive impact on society, and can make a difference in people’s lives. He took to an interview to explain this concept, highlighting the example of Washington in the early 1900s. In his example, he shed light on how the state had to implement better architecture for the sewage systems, which in turn aided public health.

Robert Ivy has always believed that good architecture can improve public health, and can aid the overall development of society. He highlighted the fact that new age architects are shifting their focus from conventional construction to ways in which their structures can improve overall wellness. This has had an incredibly positive impact on the industry and has led to the development of tools and materials which can benefit people when they are used in construction. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

Robert Ivy also stresses the importance of encouraging the new generation of architects to think ahead. Only when architects believe ahead can they come up with ideas that change the way society functions for the better. With the plans that the American Institute Of Architects is coming out with, this further emphasizes on the architects need to be able to think outside the box. Architects will now have to learn to work with people in the tech industry if they want to optimize the kind of work that they do, which will only happen with a changed mindset about the field, and with a different view on the type of work that they do. For more info, CLICK:



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