What Mike Baur’s Tips for Young Company Founders

Mike Baur, founder of the Swiss Startup Factory has been helping other founders as he can with the best tips he can offer. Most young entrepreneurs, or those who found new companies may fear that they don’t have what it takes to make it. This is why Mike Baur is the best person to answer these questions.


One of the most commonly asked questions that Baur gets is “What can you do to come up with a brilliant idea?” Baur keeps it simple, sharing with entrepreneurs that the easiest way to come up with an idea is to let it come to you. There is no such thing as forcing an idea in his opinion. Baur also talks about being in the moment. If you start making notes about something that is needed or can solve a problem, just ask, “Why is it not there yet?” Baur always appears to keep it simple and low stress. He feels that the less you think about it the easier it becomes.


There also challenges that he sees when nothing happens once an entrepreneur has considered what is needed. He has always noticed that oftentimes ideas are not implemented as they should be. There is a lot that entrepreneurs know they should do but yet the are left undone. One of the most basic according to Baur is the lack of a website. There are also numerous tools available at no cost to entrepreneurs for communicating with their audience. He has noticed that oftentimes, entrepreneurs fail to use these tools. This is why Baur feels so strongly that startups have a great chance to succeed and maintain a strong business.


Although tools and resources are easy to come by these days, many are still asking what qualities matter most to others. Baur makes it clear that these tips are super simple too, and mostly they are personal choices one must make otherwise they do not have a shot at success. Those are trusting, and not being afraid to fail. He also says to avoid naysayers, or those who tell you that you cannot accomplish what you set out to do. Lastly, he suggests working like a pig. Working hard is without a doubt a necessity with any startup, and it requires a lot of your time.


Baur still maintains his work with the SSUF today in Switzerland with his fintech partners.


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