Rocketship Education Continues to Develop Unique Approach

Getting a quality education is extremely important for someone to succeed later in life. The need for a quality education starts at a very young age. Unfortunately, many public school districts across the country do not have the funding necessary to provide all of the children in the district with the attention and education that they deserve. This is especially the case for individual students that have particular learning challenges.

To help provide a new educational option, one charter school program has continue to flourish and grow over the last decade. This organization, which is called Rocketship Education, has been in business for over a decade at this point. The concept for Rocketship Education first was established more than 20 years ago. The thought process and concept for the charter school program was developed by a group of public educators that were looking for a better way to provide great education to students. After putting the plan together for a long period of time, the educators were ultimately able to open their first location in Oakland, California.

Today, Rocketship Education is one of the largest charter school programs in the country. It has continued to grow in the state of California and other areas of the country as well. The Rocketship Education program is now offered in other major cities including the Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC area. The program is also looking at several other under-served markets to serve. Unlike other charter school programs, Rocketship Education continues to rely on the help from donors and other private sources. The educational system is geared towards lower income students, which make up the majority of the enrollment today.

What separates Rocketship Education from other charter and public school systems is the school’s approach to education. The charter school program has a very holistic approach to education, which helps to ensure that all students are studying a variety of subjects and absorbing the information better. As the educational system continues to develop, the results are clear. The school has done very well in regards to graduation rates, test scores, and other metrics.

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