Whitney Wolfe Has Created The Perfect Online Trifecta For Women

In today’s society, women want it all. They want successful careers, fulfilling friendships, and a loving spouse. Whitney Wolfe is a woman who believes that women deserve all of those things and more. Unfortunately, we all live such busy lives. It’s hard to find friends and time to date. It’s also hard to find network events that aren’t dry and boring. Therefore, Wolfe is a woman who is moving everything into the online realm. She wants to make it easier for women to accomplish all their goals without having to put fort much time and effort.

Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. If you haven’t heard of Bumble yet, you may be living under a rock. It’s one of the fastest growing online-dating apps with new users downloading it every day. The appeal of Bumble is that it’s very female-friendly app. It lets women call all the shots. A man can’t talk to a woman first unless she makes the first move and opens up that avenue for conversation. Wolfe came up with this idea because she wished there was an option like that in real life. This idea of putting women first makes online dating safer for them and it also cuts down on unwanted advances.

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With the success of Bumble, comes a few different spin-offs. Wolfe created Bumble BFF for those women who are only seeking friends. She also created Bumble Bizz for those who take their network seriously. Women can form business connections, chat with like-minded individuals, and possibly even find their dream job. Together, all of these apps are having a positive impact on women’s lives. Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble Bizz after she saw that people were already using the app Bumble to network. It was the logical next step. Whitney Wolfe is excited to put her usual feminism touch to the app in homes to cut back on sexism in the workplace.

Wolfe is someone who truly does it all. Wolfe grew up In Utah and attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. She went on to be a successful businesswoman. It seems that Wolfe now has it all. She recently tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony off the Italian coast to Michael Herd, the love of her life. Although they didn’t meet online, Wolfe wants everyone to have the possibility of finding love like she has found.

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