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It is very rare to find a company to partner with an individual and take up his or her vision. Most companies are not flexible to take up such tasks. This is not the case for the Boraie development limited. Boraie development is a privately owned company that deals with real estate creating spectacular structures. It also focuses on managing properties for people and selling and marketing these properties. This year will remain very remarkable to Boraie development as it marked the launching of their major project in Newark city. This project was birthed as the vision by the former football legend Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal was born and brought up in Newark city, and this serves as his primary way of giving back to his hometown. He got this burden back in the year 1992 when his mother talked to him about the faded beauty of the city. His mother tasked him with this task, and it has remained with him. O’Neal was able to share his vision with the Boraie development, and they joined him in making this dream come true. Boraie has proven to be very reliable in their projects as they seek to give an extraordinary experience to their clients yet affordable.

Boraie is very strategic in choosing their partners. Their partners are the best in their fields and passionate about bringing change, for example, the Gilbane Building Company. It has also gained support and partnership with the government such as Mayor Ras Baraka, Governor Phil Murphy of Newark city. This has helped them in that it has made their projects run smoothly since they are accepted by the local government. Boraie has been able to construct magnificent structures such as the Shaq Tower in Newark which has 168 multiuse apartments.  You can visit for more details.



They do not stop at just building magnificent structures; it also aims at changing the lifestyles of those around. This can be seen in the Newark project where they provide jobs to those living in that city. They also started a project to help women and the minority in that area called the Impact project hence helping them to grow financially. Most of their achievements are as a result of the great leadership in place such as Wasseem Boraie who is very visionary. Boraie is not stopping at this; they continue to launch more projects the latest being a 35-story building still in Newark.

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