The Success of Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatrician who has experienced the privilege of being a family doctor of Royal family of the Saudi. All the doctors wait for such a rare opportunity that Saad Saad got to treat the king and queen of Saudi. Becoming a personal pediatrician of the loyal family is determined by high qualification and the ability to speak Arabic and English fluently. Thus for Dr. Saad, he qualified with first class distinction which enabled him to get a scholarship and traveled to England to continue with his studies. The other ability to speak fluent Arabic is as a result being born in the Middle East. During the four and half year when he was a doctor in King Faisal Specialist Hospital, he conducted surgeries ranging from the simplest to the most complex ones. For instance, he successfully operated on an infant who was diagnosed with an aneurysm and not only did he save the child’s life but also created awareness across the world. As a result of the professionalism and ethics, the opinions and advice given to the chief of protocol and the head of the hospital by Dr.Saad were highly considered. In some instances, he advised the hospital whether to send the patient abroad or to receive treatment at the hospital without any objections. Particularly in one case, an assistant chief at the hospital personally requested Dr.Saad to perform the surgery rather than take him abroad. Learn more:


During his time as the personal doctor to the royal family, he did not only serve the rich but also offered his services to the very poor in the society who needed to get complex surgeries. Before becoming one of the reputable surgeons in the world, Dr. Saad experienced poverty first hand making it possible for him to appreciate the importance of helping the needy. Recently, Dr.Saad Saad was quoted addressing some of the valuable lessons he has, and they include: honest, hard-working and fairness.He believes that all the children and people are equal regardless of their religion, color, mental or physical abilities. In the United States where he practiced medicine for many years, he engaged continuously in the charity work where he helped the children and the adult in Holy Land. Besides,he has taken part in four medical Mission in America and eight mission in Jerusalem where he has performed for free complex surgeries on poor and needy children. Thus the opportunity to work as the personal doctor for the royal family gave him a chance to carry on with this charity work. In the kingdom of Arabia, there is a large number of the poor people who could not easily afford complex surgeries. Thus when working for the Loyal family, Dr.Saad Saad was able to push for more resources to cater for the surgeries of the poor and other healthcare aspects.


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  1. Medical practitioners for me are very important for the evolution of the society reason being that they act as Demi-god’s in the society. With their contributions life are saved on a daily basis making a force that we must reckon with when it comes to pediatric issues. There is need to look at some of the points that he has made for him to be able to service his patients.

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