End Citizens United Makes 2018 Midterm Endorsements

The 2010 Supreme Court Decision, Citizens United, turned our Democratic Republic into a breeding ground for corruption and legal bribery. Sadly, this has caused our political candidates to become bargaining chips who can be sold to the highest bidder.

Corporations often need political support in the form of votes and office appointment, while candidates need campaign funding to help them get elected. By giving money to a candidate’s election campaign, corporations and special interest groups are able to obtain the support necessary to generate the most profit for themselves, instead of doing what is ethical, right, or just in this world. Luckily, a grassroots organization called Citizens United has been formed to help stop this chaos and give the government back to the will of the people.

End Citizens United is prepping for the midterm elections by making careful candidate selections of those who will stand up for campaign finance reform efforts. These candidates pledge to reject corporate and special interest group funds and, instead, base their campaign platform on issues that impact average citizens every day. End Citizens United rates candidates by giving them a grade based upon their prior experience, previous voting records if any apply, the campaign donations received, and their stance on Citizens United.

End Citizens United has based their trust on many candidates and endorses them wholeheartedly. Here are just a few of many wonderful candidates who are against Citizens United and who are willing to push for necessary reform.

1) Beto O’Rourke is one of very few House members to decline donations from anyone who has the ability to influence him. He has voted in favor of amendments that would overturn the Citizens United ruling and has vowed to continue to do so until the changes happen.

2) Nevada’s Jacky Rosen is a rising political star who has pushed to increase transparency in political spending, while also encouraging the end to Citizens United’s political corruption.

3) Illinois’ Brendan Kelly fought against banks and pharmaceutical companies who attempted to sink their teeth into the government in spite of what everyday people needed while he served as State’s Attorney.

While these candidates are just a few of many others that End Citizens United supports, they are sure to help give hope to the future of the United States by achieving the goal of keeping money out of politics once again. Sadly, greed has the potential of pushing wonderful people to do some awful things. The candidates End Citizens United support are here to help change both our government and world for the better.

Search more about End Citizens United: https://www.youtube.com/c/EndCitizensUnitedOrg

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