Meet Ara Chackerian and his view on the Mental Health Month

Ara Chackerian is a committed philanthropist, serial angel investor and also a renowned entrepreneur. He serves as managing partner at the ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a company that focuses on making investment in healthcare startup companies. Ara is a co-founder and a dedicated member of the TMS Health Solution, which basically provides Transcranial magnetic solutions to people who suffer from depression resulting from them being resistant to treatment. Before he co-founded the TMS Health Solutions, he was largely involved in the field of entrepreneurship and making investments.


Specifically, Ara Chackerian basically invests in those startups in healthcare showing commitment towards reinventing the Healthcare system in the United States of America. Having worked for over twenty years building healthcare companies, he has earned himself wide experience and deep knowledge in that sector. Some of the companies that he has founded include PipelineRX, a leading Telepharmacy services provider, and BMC Diagnostics which basically offer services concerning diagnostic imaging among others. He serves an s the Chief Executive Officer of the BMC Diagnostics and also as an Executive Vice President of a global medical products distributor known as the PSS/world medical.


According to Ara Chackerian, during the Mental Health Month, it is a significant period to recognize those suffering from mental illnesses. The Mental Health Month was started by the Mental Health America Organization back in the year 1949. There are so many people that have been found to be suffering from the mental health diseases, therefore, there are several things that you can do during this month as a way to address the mental health issues.


During the month, you should work towards elimination of the stigma associated with mental health illnesses. This is a key problem that mentally ill people undergo, especially the choices of words that people use while discussing issues concerning mental health. Ara Chackerian says that while dealing with mental illnesses, you shouldn’t make it a secret. You should also show your involvement with mental oriented health problems with a great impact in the community. During the Mental Health Month, you should be in a position to comprehend the best way in which you should help people facing the crisis. You can visit to see more.




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