Southridge Capital Investment Guru Steven M. Hicks Stops At Nothing To Make His Company A Success

With over 30 years of experience in risk management, investment, and finance, the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital founded the company after a hedge fund he was working for shut down.




Hicks, whose firm has been in Wall Street for a good 20 years, attributes his firm success on experience and knowing which investments will work out for his clients and those that won’t. This is vital in this industry.




As the head of Southridge Capital, Steven Hicks oversees the strategic direction of the entire group of companies.




While the CEO does not have a rigid work schedule, Steven Hicks has a daily routine to help him keep his eye on the ball. He starts his morning by going through the fund’s portfolio and assigns some tasks to himself and delegating others to his staff. His focus on the day-to-day is ensuring that current investments remain on track while actively seeking out new opportunities for the future that will give sound returns to his clients. For more details visit





Steven Hicks’s professional journey has had its share of hiccups. After putting a considerable amount of money in a company called Petals, the company disintegrated, leaving Southridge with significant losses to recover from, which luckily, it did, by using the cash it had remained with to earn its way back to stability. You can visit Bloomberg.




For his education, Steven Hicks holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kings College in New York and an MBA degree from Fordham University.




Among the publications that can offer great insights to people seeking to strengthen funds, wealth and personal investment portfolios, OTC markets, the Wall Street Journal, and Quotestream are a great place to start. Steven Hicks notes that they not only provide historical insights but show you the current trends as well.




What would Steven Hicks consider to be the next big thing? You might have guessed it: cryptocurrency. Hicks believes that new entrants to the market wanting to grow their client base should increase their focus on cryptocurrencies.




For a great read, Hicks suggests reading a copy of the ”TITAN” which examines the life of the Rockefeller.



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