Igor Cornelson: From Engineering Student to Renowned Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment expert who was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. At age eighteen he enrolled in the Federal University of Parana majoring an engineering major. The school was one of only two universities offering engineering courses in the area, and getting admitted was quite an accomplishment. However, he changed his major to economics and soon after graduating began work at an investment bank in Rio de Janeiro named Multibanco. Hard work earned him a quick promotion to board of directors and again to Chief Operating Officer (CEO).

After Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America in 1978, Cornelsen decided to leave the company. He stuck by this decision even after being asked to stay at the company. Such a talented man of course promptly found another position, and he joined Unibanco one of the top investment firms in Brazil. But in 1985 inflation spiked, and he left for a more favorable secure position at Libra Bank in London. He was paid in American currency and moved to London, where he changed jobs one last time to work for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. They were impressed by his work at Libra Bank and requested that he join their board of directors.

This would be his last job, and he worked for the bank several years until 1995. When he left the company to launch his own investment firm. He now manages his own investments and holds seminars. Cornelsen encourages investors to turn their attention to emerging economies like Brazil and China. His many years working in the industry have helped him to avoid financial disasters when every other investor fell ruin. When he is not working he enjoys playing a nice round of golf and spends his time between sunny Sao Paolo and South Florida.

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