What Exactly Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is a very interesting subject to talk about in the world of business and development. It plays a vital role for valuing and protecting your company. It is considered a job that is never done, and it is for sure an ever continuing process in the world of marketing. You can actually see it in your very own experience when you are trying to search a business that you will probably read reviews about a company before you dive right in to becoming their customer. If you own a business yourself, you can be sure that you have people researching your brand before they become your customer.

The idea that you can monitor every single thing that is said about you is definitely a possibility, but it’s not exactly easy. It is going to take a lot more work than you think, and trying to create good press about your brand is another struggle you may to have to deal with in the end.

With the help of the right online reputation management company such as Brand Yourself Reviews and many others, you can accomplish so much more with your business and reach more new levels in your business because they can help manage what everything is being said about your brand. It will highly affect also how your company is seen. Creating good press about you is all about using press releases, utilizing market strategies, and efficient techniques to help build that foundation for success.

It’s not easy building a company, let alone managing what everybody is saying about your company on the web. There are several aspects that can dictate the future of a business with their reputation, and it’s about delivering quality service to clientele. The key is to be the best business you can be so that you can provide your clients with everything that they want. The moral of the story is to also do your best in the end to give clients what they want and ask for.

Online reputations don’t have to be misguided. Your reputation can be handled efficiently and maintain a good name for the future with correct help.

Understanding the Journey of Doug Levitt to Understand the Human Condition

Most of us are aware that there are people who are less fortunate than us in the society. We also understand that there is another side of the community which includes people like those who have been incarcerated before, prisoners of war and refugees who experience life from a very different perspective. The most that we do for these people is maybe dropping a few coins in the grocery store donation box and then move along without a care in the world. Well, one person decided that they needed to understand this part of the society more deeply, hence the start of the ‘Greyhound Diaries’ by Doug Levitt.

Getting to the point where he is right now was not easy. Doug has traveled more than 100,000 miles by road in the Greyhound buses in his quest to interact with people from the other face of the society and during the journey; he met quite a number of interesting people. He says that he has interacted with prisoners of war, refugees and people returning from many years behind the bars. These people gave him deep and moving stories about life behind bars and other hardships.

Doug Levitt is the son of Washington’s mayoral aspirant Carol Schwartz. He studied in the Washington public school systems before he joined Cornell University. During his second year at the University, his father committed suicide, a situation which left him with serious questions about the human condition. He won a Fulbright scholarship and traveled abroad to study international relations. Doug Levitt worked as a foreign correspondent for some of the international TV stations. He left the job to embark on his journey of self-discovery and what Doug knows.

The journey has been really beneficial to him because he feels that he has changed a lot in his world view. He also states that he has learned to appreciate the people and situations he did not understand before. Out of the experience, he has also gotten a beautiful album, which he gave the title, The Greyhound Diaries. He has also written many stories, which he plans to publish in future. His decade long journey is a true inspiration and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

Madison Street Capital Puts Dream Mergers Together In The Small And Medium Size Market

The first thing any company should consider when merger talk is in the air is to assess who the would-be or potential merger candidates are. Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based boutique investment firm, does all the legwork for small and medium size companies that are looking for the right merger or acquisition partner. That is one of the reasons Madison Street Capital is a finalist for the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A advisor awards are the best of the best in the financial industry. When co-founders Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala got the news, they both realized all their hard work, and the Madison Street Capital reputation was finally paying off in an industry that is over competitive and narcissistic. But those terms don’t describe Botchway and Marsala’s business traits. Both men have down-to-earth accomplishments in valuations and financing as well as in pairing companies for future financial and operational challenges.



Madison Street Capital is not the merger and acquisition firm that would pair Google with Microsoft or Merck with Pfizer. Those deals are in another merger category. The chances of securing regulatory approval for deals like that are slim to none. Madison Street likes to work with companies that are producing revenue of $500 million or less. The giant mergers have more moving parts, and Botchway and Marsala know those big mergers never work out the way they start. Shareholders plan an important role in mergers and acquisitions and getting shareholder to agree when mega-millions are on the table is very hard to do. Madison Street Capital likes the small dream mergers that bring two companies together, so they can fulfill their revenue dreams. A good example of one of those dream mergers is the Acuna & Associates S.A. merger with Dowco. Madison Street is a finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards because of that complicated, but successful, merger.



In an effort to identify dream mergers, Tony Marsala interacts with companies in emerging markets. Those markets are often overlooked by other investment firms because of language issues or political complications. But Marsala knows the South American market, and he is responsible for some of the new growth that is giving Madison Street more credibility in the M& A industry. Even though Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based company, the firm has a presence in several other countries, and that exposure is a big reason why Madison Street is one of the best boutique investment firms in the business.


To discover more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.


French Wine Guide As Given By UKV PLC

French wine description can be a daunting task even for the most experienced connoisseurs as French wine is complex from its production to labelling which in most cases is in French. For any person starting out to understand the subject therefore, it is necessary to grasp a couple of basics.

The UKV PLC advices that those starting out should consider starting out with the French appellation system. They need to be acquainted to the system first. Unlike most other wines, French wines are not labelled using the grape variety but instead are labelled based on the region. This also shows the areas and the regulations that the government has on the appellation process here.

The specific region idea come from the fact that it recognizes the different ways that the soil, climate and topography of the locality influences the quality of the wine eventually. The grapes from different regions give wine a unique character. French sommelier will obviously make an argument that the region where wine is produced is equally important as the type of grapes used to produce it. It may be true that wonderfully tasting wine is produced in almost all areas of France; there are a few areas that beginners need to note.

Burgundy is known for excellent red and white wines, both of which are equally important brands. Bordeaux is known for producing medium red wines and a variety of other grape wines. The northeastern part of France produces the finest sparkling champagne. Loire also produces almost all kinds of wines. Buying your wines through UKV PLC exposes you to a variety of excellent wines and an unlimited supply of wines.

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Scott Rocklage’s Leadership Roles

Scott Rocklage is a renowned author, investor and leader in the healthcare industry. He boasts of over 3 decades of experience in the industry. Currently, he works at 5AM Ventures. Scott Rocklage joined the company, as a venture partner, in the year 2003. A year later he was promoted to be a managing partner.

Recently he was interviewed by Ideamensch. His first question was of course how the company came to be. To this he answered that the life science based venture capital was named 5AM because just like 5Am, they were involved early in the formation of the company. Scott Rocklage said that he is successful because of his ability to prioritize, calendar and manage time. He also advised other people to take risk s and venture into entrepreneurship. It is the only way that one can have control over their future and what Scott knows.

Prior to joining AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage had been a number of company, mostly working in leadership positions. He was with Nycomed Salutar Inc., from the year 1990. At Nycomed, he served as the CEO and president of the company, a position that he assumed four years. Two years into working for Nycomed Salutar, he was appointed president, chairman and CEO of Nycomed Interventional INC. He held this position until the year 1994.

In the year 1994, Scott Rocklage co-founded Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He began working for this company as its president. Come the year 2000, he was promoted to serve as the chairman of the board of directors. In the year 2001, he was again promoted to serve as the CEO of the company, a position that he held until the year 2003 and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

In the year 2003, Rocklage joined 5AM. He joined the company as a venture partner. But his experience in the industry led him to being promoted to be a managing partner in the year 2004. He has served as the acting CEO of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals from May 6, 2016 to May 11, 2016 when he was appointed as the official CEO of the company.

More visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/scott-m-rocklage#/entity

Lori Senecal Biography

She is one of the members and directors of the Ad Council board with innovative and competitive leadership skills that have made her successful throughout her career and life. In 2013, she was honored with a Quantum Leap award for innovation and leadership at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. In 2014, she was named as the woman to watch in the advertising pages. She is known for her great ability to grow companies in a short amount of time. Each time she goes into a company one is almost certain there will always be results in work done.

Since her graduation from the University, Lori Senecal has been busy making the places she has centers better than she found them. It is evident due to the successes that bring with her to the companies she gets the privilege to work for the companies. Lori served as CEO and President of the MDC Partner Network. She was responsible for deepening MDC’s working and model, driving a strategic vision to fuel cross-collaboration and growth throughout the network.

However, before Lori worked with MDC Partner, she was the CEO and Global Chairman of kbs+. Under Lori Senecal leadership, kbs+ organized by Crain’s as the best place to work in NYC and it grew from 250 private agency person to 900 people worldwide. Kbs+ for three consecutive years was on the Standout Agencies list by the Advertising Ages.

She also worked for McCann Worldgroup as Global Chief Officer and later moved to the McCann Erickson as President of the flagship New York office. Her new role at the CP+B will have her oversee the global expansion and the coordination of over eight international offices. Check out: http://lorisenecalglobalceo.com/

This change happened after infinity awarded its $450million global accounts to the CP+B company in October 2016. Higher officials at the company are pleased because while her move to the agency does not change the responsibility of any staff member, it adds value to the business as a whole.

Lori joined CP+B agency and had made a tremendous impact on both the culture and business of CP+B. Since her joining, she has seen the company making steps towards becoming collaborative, inventive and agile new global agency by offering strong local market fair with consistency internationally.

Under her leadership as the global CEO of CP+B, and a strong focus on talent Lori has fueled company’s growth and development across geographies and disciplines. Recently, Advertising Age named her as among four Agency Executives to watch. Through her, Crispin Porter + Bogusky was appointed in the Creativity Innovators of the year category.

Visit Lori Senecal’s social media pages on Linked In and Twitter for more information.

Rick Smith Adds Revolution to Prison Technology Services

Rick Smith, the President, and CEO of Securus Technologies, is leading a revolution in prison technology services that changed the face of law enforcement and support services in the country. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based prison technology, corrections, and law enforcement services firm with more than 30-years of consistent and high-quality services. The technology additions have made a total transformation in the inmate services to correction services. It includes better connectivity between inmates and their friends and family, professional correction services with agencies have deep expertise, technology-based law enforcement services, etc. Under Rick, the firm has made an integrity pledge drive in the business, and every employee at Securus has signed the pledge as the firm is working on facts, findings, reports, etc.

Securus provides a number of services including friends and family, investigative, corrections, public safety, and monitoring solutions to individuals, firms, independent agencies, and government departments. Rick has helped the company to diversify each solution with a number of highly useful services. For instance, friends and family services offer phone services, video services, email services, jail voicemail, and money transfer. The firm offers video and audio calling services at the most economical and industry best rates charged per minute. Rick has extensively worked with the authorities and agencies to connect almost all the jails in the country to ensure a one-point access for the both inmates, and friends and family. Under the supervision of Rick, the firm invested more than $200 million in communications, education, and media products in the last five years to improve the lives of inmates. According to Wikipedia

In a similar way, public safety solutions are helping law enforcement agencies and cities to collect, consolidate, store, and distribute critical information and ensure quicker dispatch to address the need of the hour. Rick Smith has defined its investigative solutions to identify and analyze data related to investigations using data analytics, voice biometric, and other verification options in an efficient manner. The correction solutions of the firm are targeting inmates and their friends and family to offer communication, information management, and inmate self-service options and helping the correction agencies to improve its efficiencies. Rick integrated the latest technology into the firm’s monitoring solutions, and it offers RF-based and GPS monitoring systems, reporting systems, supporting programs and ensures tracking of juveniles and adults. Rick’s efforts to add innovation in the services secured A+ rating from BBB accreditation.

Rick completed his Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo and pursued MBA from the University of Rochester. He worked with Eschelon Telecom Inc, as its President, and Chief Operating Officer from 2000. In 2003, he elevated as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, and during the period, Rick helped it to grow its revenue from $30 million to $350 million with a CAGR of 48 percent. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.


Fabletics – A Fashion Brand That’s Here To Stay And Give Giants Like Amazon A Tough Time

Fabletics has bought a revolution in the fashion industry by offering a highly stylish and unique collection of “Athleisure” products. The company has been growing manifolds since its inception in 2013 and is giving a tough run for its money to brands such as Amazon, which already has more than 20 percent share in the online fashion retail market. Fabletics serves globally and has members from across the globe. One of the primary reasons for its success is its unique and affordable subscription model, which has allowed thousand of women to get just the kind of fashion athleisure products they love at their doorstep each month, without spending a fortune.


The subscription model followed by Fabletics is unique because it takes the lifestyle, body type and preferences of the customers into account before sending a collection in an email to the customers from which the members choose what they want. The customers are under no obligation to buy each month and can skip any month they want and can cancel their membership too anytime they want, without being charged. The idea is to provide convenience to the members while personalizing the shopping experience like never before.


The company is co-founded and owned by Kate Hudson, who is known worldwide for her prowess in acting arena and is a famous Hollywood Celebrity. Apart from being a famous Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson is a fitness diva and continues to inspire millions of women worldwide because of her spectacular fitness level, figure, and achievements in the fitness space. Being associated with Fabletics as an owner has certainly helped Fabletics rise to fame in a relatively short time.


The Fabletics, as mentioned by the General Manager of the brand, Gregg Throgmartin, always aimed at being an aspirational brand that offers high value to its customers. And, today, it is successfully doing so for thousands of its members and clients. Fabletics has singlehandedly changed the dynamics of brand identity in the world of fashion, and it no longer means that to buy high-value brand products, one has to spend a fortune. It is because Fabletics as a brand is comparatively economical yet makes no compromise in quality or design.


The company followed the footsteps of other leading brands like Warby Parker and Apple and implemented reverse showroom technique soon after it launched. The primary aim of Fabletics was to establish itself in the online retail space and make a considerably sized customer base and after that open physical outlets. The marketing hype around the brand was further channelized through opening 18 stores in modern fashion markets, such as California, Illinois, Hawaii and Florida. Fabletics can convert over 30 percent of the customers that step into its physical outlet into a VIP member, which is helped the brand expand and grow at a steady pace.


The members of Fabletics, as per the reviews saw online, are highly satisfied with the company’s offerings, collection, and prices. If you are looking to become a member of Fabletics as well, don’t forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz offered by Fabletics that allows you to personalize the shopping experience at its site with ease.

Even Individuals Need To Do Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management efforts give a person the competitive edge. This is not just for driving sales, but for a lot more.

Social media, as well as content marketing, can actually drive sales in order to grow your business. But this is not for salesmen alone.

Presenting useful content to potential clients helps in getting more attention. This is exactly what is required. After all, the business owners are spending a lot on advertising initiatives only for getting attention. But advertising campaigns are expensive and may not really provide any real value to your potential customer.

But getting attention building up on your personal brand is definitely going to use less effort. Besides, it is more cost effective too. It will also have higher retention leading to brand loyalty in the process.

Hence online activity for individual publicity can include getting articles published regularly on top sites. These can be shared through social media platforms. They can be featured on review sites like IC Media Direct reviews along with industry news and such other important news articles. The aim is to provide as much information to people as people about a field in which you have expertise. Within no time there would be people following you on social media in order to engage with your content.

Another way to manage your online reputation is by controlling the first impression. When people search you, something good must come up. This is because people have a lot of trust in online search results. In case your search results come up with awards and other accolades, you have already built an enviable reputation about yourself. Always remember that your competitor is just a click away. In case your competitor appears more credible than you, customers will contact him first.

This is why you must scan your search engine results, in order to delete any negative results. This can be your college photos, unprofessional photos with old friends and so on.

Building your personal website can really help here. Make it as a central hub that has all information about you. This would include your education, experience, blog URL, relevant awards, and honors.

The Success Story of Brad Reifler

Bradley Carl Reifler is a fifty-six years of age is a famous American entrepreneur who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Management. Before that position, he founded, chaired, and was the CEO of his own company, Pali Capital, where he served as the CEO for 13 years starting 1995 to 2008.

Educational Background

Brad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics from the Bowdoin College.

Brad’s Career Life

Reifler Trading Company was Brad’s first business. In 2000, Refco, founded by Brad’s grandfather, Ray E. Friedman acquired Reifler Trading Company.

Crunchbase revealed that Brad Reifler was the main star trader at Refco, an achievement that paved the way for him to be one of the best entrepreneurs in America. AT Refco, Brad Reifler was in charge of the sales and the implementation of foreign exchange, global derivatives and investment programs for the high-end clients.

Director Titles

Brad Reifler is a jack of all trades. He holds the director title at Sino Mercury Company. Previously, he was also a director at Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities and European American Investment Bank. In addition to these prestigious titles, he was the founding director at Wins Finance Holdings.

Work Experience

Brad Refiler has approximately thirty years of expertise in the business industry and knows almost everything that it has to offer. Brad Reifler focuses on Commodities and Forex and is among the top leaders in the field.

According to PR News Wire, Brad Reifler used novel strategies which assisted him to be among the most powerful investors in America. Reifler’s success in his career is based on the fact that he is more of a Founder than a CEO and his presence and efforts are celebrated widely.

In the past, Mr Reifler focused on helping the wealthy become richer, but he shifted his focus to the middle-class Americans. Brad has helped so many people and it is unlikely that this trait will stop in the future.