The Legacy Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi receiving the entrepreneur award of the year for finance in 2015 did not come as a surprise as the banking expert worked his way up since he was 18 years of age. The Brazilian Banking Sector was endowed to receive diligent services from a high profile figure like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. In fact, Banco Bradesco could not have a found a better suit to succeed 64-year-old Cypriano.

Born in 1951 in Marilia, coincidentally city of origin of Bradesco, he is a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo with a degree in the faculty of Philosophy, science, and letters. He is also a Social Psychology postgraduate at Fundacao Escola de Sociogia e Politica de Sao Paulo. He offset his career as a clerk for Bradesco Bank aged 18. Mr. Trabuco has devoted his entire career to the Bradesco Organization working for over 38 years in the facility.

Mr. Trabuco held several positions throughout his professional career in Bradesco Bank including President and Executive Director of Bradesco Previdencia, Vice President of Bradesco Seguros and Vice Chair to Banco Bradesco SA Board of Directors. In his tenure as President and Executive Director of Bradesco Previdencia, he signed the marketing action, Christmas Tree of Lagoa. Bradesco Seguros has been sponsoring it for more than 20 years and is treasured as one of its largest of its kind to be accomplished by the group.

Merely four years later he assumed the presidential post of Bradesco Seguros doubling the size of the company and making it the largest in Latin America. It is at this time he secured a $5.2 million deal purchasing HSBC Brazilian branch. This was the company’s major comeback to the top spot of the private segment outdoing bitter rivals Itau Unibanco in the branch network, total investment funds and the number of account holders. This would have otherwise taken them roughly six years to execute by way of organic growth. From 2003 to 2009 when he was president, he made a stunning total profit contribution of 30% to Bradesco. Looking at the market predictions, Bradesco is set to do more excellent things.

When Mr. Trabuco first became president of the bank, he made several changes ensuring every sector operated smoothly showing a cohesive outlook on the future of the corporation. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has received multiple awards throughout his employment in the bank. Notably is the Don Quixote Trophy 2009, Insurance Personality of the year award for a second time 2007 and also listed as one of the best CEOs in Brazil among other recognitions.

Individuals well conversant with Mr. Trabuco say that he has passion and dedication to his professional obligations. His skills and diligence are unmatchable therefore getting a perfect replica for his succession isn’t a walk in the park. Nonetheless, Octavio de Lazari Junior might be the ideal fit as Bradesco Succession, and Appointment committee duly endorsed the 54-year-old after a formal process of succession and nomination.

Mr. Lazari Junior was not among the favorite appointees among the seven vice presidents. Most financial analysts bet on the nomination of Mauricio Minas, but the bank through a press statement affirmed that Lazari’s merits were recognized among his workmates. This was fundamental for continuity and renewal. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will still delegate his duties as president till March 12, 2018, when the board will be meeting.

Mr. Lazari graduated in Economic Sciences specializing in Financial strategies and Marketing. He began his career in a Bradesco branch 1978 as a continuum later working in the credit area then department director in loan and financing. His commitment to service delivery saw him appointed CEO and vice president of Bradesco Seguros.

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