Fortress Investment Group Forms Partnership With Virgin

While British billionaire Richard Branson is perhaps best known for his ambitious plans for filling the skies with supersonic jets, he recently made headlines by making an investment in a more traditional form of transportation, railroads. Branson is lending the name of his company, Virgin, to the railroads in the United States run by Fortess Investment Group. The new company name will be Virgin Trains USA.

An ambitious plan

Currently, Fortress Investment group operates railroads in Florida, and their operation is going extremely well. Their vision is to take their railway service nationwide, which is a hugely significant development since it will be a private-sector railroad system in a country where government-subsidized Amtrak has long been the dominant intercity railroad company.

Even though millions of Americans ride on intercity trains each year, currently Amtrak is virtually their only option. Amtrak came into existence when the Federal Government consolidated existing railroads from private companies, and the planned Fortress Investment Group system will be the first privately-funded, intercity railway system built in over a century.

With Branson’s backing, Fortress Investment Group plans to first extend their Florida service to Orlando and Tampa and, pending Federal approval, next to Las Vegas and Southern California. Wes Edens, chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, plans to ultimately add lines to Charlotte, St.Louis, Dallas and other major cities. Read the article about Fortress at The Wall Street Journal.

A winning formula

As far as the new company goes, Fortress Investment Group will operate and manage the railroads while Virgin will have a stake in the company of a few percentage points in return for its investment. Richard Branson said that he is thrilled with the new plan. He noted that he has struck similar deals with other United States firms, and his company Virgin America, which operates on a similar model to the planned railroad system, has been extremely successful.



Talos Energy’s Business Investments of Oil and Gas Production

How Talos’s CEO arranged for the Acquisition of Stone Energy. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s rendered the north of Houston impassable for two days after floods were experienced in most parts of Kingwood, Texas. Duncan who is a 45-year-old CEO of Talos Energy had been in the scene when it first happened and reports about the second six feet hurricane that was on the way had him wade through the floods for safety. The level of the water was on his waistline where he waded to help his wife, son, and their two dogs onto the FEMA rescue boat.

Moreover, months before this ordeal, Duncan had been arranging on getting the Talos Energy Company to merge with the Stone Energy company, a deal which amounted to $2.5 billion. The acquisition was risky as the Stone Energy was a troubled company that was bankrupt and publicly traded. Nonetheless, Duncan knew too well that the hurricane was no excuse to have him postpone the deal where he took action by flying with his family using a private jet to his parents’ home in Alabama, Texas. Besides, his works bore fruit in May when the transaction was closed after staying late at night working from his mother’s dining table for weeks trying to negotiate the deal and more

Further, with the completion of the transaction saw Talos energy adopting Stone listings with the new ticker symbol as TALO. Also, the Stone Energy’s revenue, which had an annual turnover of over $900 million led to Talos energy’s assets expansion in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, the Talos company pumps 16,000 barrels per day from its Phoenix Field that was formerly called the Typhoon Field into a ship known as the Helix Producer. Better still, Talos would benefit from Stone’s platform known as Pompano that it had initially acquired for $200 million from BP.

About Talos Energy Company

The Talos Energy is an independent firm that deals with the production and exploration of oil and gas in Houston, Texas. The company’s management team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the offshore exploration and production of oil after decades of operations in the deep-water assets around the Gulf of Mexico. In additon, the Talos energy has previously been involved in two successful transactions of selling Phoenix Exploration Co. and Gryphon Exploration Co. that gave them high returns, thus its success in oil and gas production.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Sets New Standard For Bottled Water

Many people think that water is just water and any water company is much the same as the other. This, however, is not entirely correct, as the amount of minerals, impurities, flavors or lack thereof and other additives have a huge impact upon not just the taste and nutritional content of a bottle of water, but also upon the taste and price. This focus on quality is one of the principal reasons that more people than ever before are turning to bottled water, choosing it over tap water. The problem with many different kinds of bottled water is that it is essentially just tap water that has been run through a pH filtration system which is why it always pays well to do research on a company before purchasing their product, especially if it is something you are going to be putting into your body; you are, after all what you eat (and drink).

One of the bottled water companies which has been making waves recently is Waiakea water; many are so behind the product they claim it is one of, if not the best, bottled water sellers on the market. This naturally begs the question: what is it that sets Waiakea water apart from the hundreds upon hundreds of other bottled water producers? One of the main ways Waiakea separates themselves from their competitors is by judiciously managing the alkalinity of their bottled water. The acidity (or lack thereof) is incredibly important to the maintenance of the human body and having too much or too little alkalinity (pH scales from 0-14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline and 7 being “neutral”) in one’s water can produce adverse effects given a sufficient period of time (the human body does best when its pH levels remain relatively neutral (around 7.4).

Due to the fact of Waiakea’s recognition of the importance of pH levels on the body, all of their naturally sourced bottled water clocks in at 8.4 on the pH scale which means it is far from acidic and very good for the body. The company, first created in 2012 by health aficionado Ryan Emmons, also prides itself on being sustainably sourced from the volcanic and pure waters of Hawaii. Whilst “volcanic water” might sound spooky, this is actually a very good thing as it means the water is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of porous, volcanic rock from the Mauna Loa volcano which means it is about the freshest and healthiest bottled water you are ever likely to find.

The Success Story of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is not a typical CEO we come across daily, but he is a man who is set apart. His achievements and contributions to the business world make him unique and worth imitating. Robert studied at Purdue University, where he attained a business management degree in 1995. After completing his studies, he wanted to join the business community and leave his mark. He did not want to be like ordinary businesspeople but wanted to come up with unique things to attract clients. He started his first business called Fanlink a few years after graduating and this gave him important lessons he used to maneuver the market.

While Fanlink was doing well, Robert wanted to do greater things and so he set his eyes on coming up with other business ideas. His love for technology drove him to venture into customer service solutions. Before long, he became a household name and everyone wanted to work with him. He was appointed the Executive Vice President of iS3 Corporation, which offers technological solutions such as technical support, and digital security. After learning the ropes of business at iS3 and Fanlink, he was in a better place to do more things and excel. Robert co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011 and is currently the CEO of the firm. His roles involve overseeing daily operations and ensuring customers get the right service.

The reason why ATS is where it is today is that of Deignan’s commitment to putting the name of the company on the world map. Moreover, he uses the experience he acquired from being a Vice President to navigate the tech industry and push the brand to where it is today. He is known as a shrewd businessman who takes every opportunity to promote his business and interact with like-minded people. ATS solves all technology issues and this is the reason for its popularity. Surrounded by a team of experts, Deignan not only makes the company great but also worth following. The company has return customers coming new ones to try amazing experiences the company offers. Without a doubt, Robert Deignan has proven that he is not your ordinary businessman, but is set apart from the crowd.

Fortress Investment Group and Using the Services of an Experienced Staff

If you have an opportunity to make investments, you should make sure that you have the best resources available. Because there are different types of investment groups in the U.S. and abroad, the expertise and services can vary greatly. Therefore, prior to deciding to increase your personal or business portfolio, you should become familiar with the Fortress Investment Group and the services that they offer to their clients.

Typically, when searching for an investment group, you may find that there are different types, and each one can be a huge factor in how profitable your organization’s portfolio will look in the end. So, you need to seek out as much information as you can about investment companies like Fortress group. In fact, if you want to do well in your investment, you should look for what kinds of services offered and the type of experience that has been acquired. By looking at the firms many years of experience and the amount of expertise that the group possesses, you can make an informed decision that will actually tell you when and how to get started. So, for those investors who want to know more about the Fortress Investment Group and their associated competencies, here are two of the primary competencies and a brief overview of what they are and other associated information, and lacrosse camp Fortress Investment Group.

1.Asset-Based Investments

When an individual or an organization is looking to use the services of Fortress Investment Group, they may need to employ their asset-based investment services for the activities that they are needing them in. Because the Fortress Group specializes asset based investments, they are a great choice for using this type of investment approach. When this approach is used, their team of professionals will be looking to provide the valuation of the business in order to determine its actual worth. For instance, when this investment calculation is used, those involved will help to determine the net asset value or their NAV and then subtract the amount from the total liabilities. With this calculation, the Fortress Investment Group team of professionals will be able to provide the owner with a specified worth, and

2. Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

In addition to the company possessing a vast amount of knowledge in the area of Asset Based investing, this team of professionals are also well versed and experienced in the area of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Because so many different companies have made significant changes to the company’s structures, corporate mergers and acquisitions have now become a staple in many business environments today. Therefore, if your organization has a need for acquiring a new company or merging with another business to build and amass more wealth for your organization, you may want to make sure that you employ The Fortress Investment group for the special knowledge that they can offer. With the expertise that they have acquired over the years, these teams of professionals can work with all levels of management in any organization including management, certain stakeholders and a company’s corporate board of directors, and read full article.

OSI Group has become an International Powerhouse in the Food Distribution Industry

OSI Group, an international food distribution service, acquired Babo Food, a Dutch company that specializes in snacks, deli meats and convenient foods. By obtaining Babo it gives OSI more of a presence throughout Europe and adds to the company’s portfolio of offerings. The acquisition also gives OSI greater processing strength.Babo maintains processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands, through its five subsidiaries. The companies include Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience and Gelderland Frischwaren. OSI Group plans to leave the current management team in place and work with the management team at OSI to develop an overall strategy to operate the combined entities.Babo Foods is excited about being part of the OSI Group. They share the same philosophy and goals and Babo will benefit from OSI’s vast experience. The two companies will better serve their customers with their joint efforts.

OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois and has grown from a wholesale mea5t distribution company to a leading retail brand and food service supplier. The company operates and maintains more than 50 facilities in 17 countries. They work internationally, but they also maintain a local presence in order to take advantage of local employment talent and cultural differences. This strategy allows the company to be as efficient as possible. OSI, in addition to the Babo Food acquisition, is working to expand their presence by building addition facilities throughout the world. The company is finding great Success in China. The growth in that country means the economy is always growing which equates to consumer growth. OSI Group is a privately held entity and always on the lookout for talent that will enhance their employment team. The company realizes that the path to success largely depends on attracting the best and the brightest and allowing them to grow to their fullest potential.

OSI Group has a tremendous management team in place with Sheldon Lavin serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman and David McDonald as the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) and President. Additional team members inspiring leadership is Bill Weimer who serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Vice President and Brent Afman taking on the roles of General Manager of Further Processing and Senior Vice President.Lavin and his team are committed to excellence and quality in every aspect of their business. Lavin hopes to inspire the next crop of executives that will eventually move up the ranks and operate the company. Mr. Lavin also wears a philanthropic hat and supports charitable cause with his time and financial contributions.

The Tactics that Gregory Aziz Utilized to Foster Success of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the leader who gave National Steel Car gloss for about two decades since it was founded. His leadership has been outstanding in the company and it has enabled him to steer his duties as the CEO of the organization with professionalism. The effort his has place in the company targets the quality delivery of services to the consumers that are within reach of the company. Aziz has shaped all the necessary measures within the system of the National Steel Car to set the right place in the market.


The firm has set the required standards of the railroad products through the commitment of the Gregory James Aziz. There are various step that organization has made through the decision of its board. For example, it has turned its direction in reaching closely to its clients in most areas of the world by coming up with several associate offices. All the information collected from the managers of the small offices are directed to the head office where they are analyzed and passed through critical discussion by the team of experts to make the products of the company fits the requirements of the clients. The moves have made National Steel Car sustained its trust in the market for the last 15 years of its services. The company has been on the top-ranked in the production of the railroad materials in South America. The facts about the success of the National Steel Car is the commitment of the Gregory J Aziz. All the staffs that are performing the duties of the firm are passed through series of interviews before confirming their authenticity in the company.


National Steel Car has set its record as the railroad company registered by the ISO in North America. All the operations in the field of products fit the stated regulation of the ISO. Gregory James Aziz has boosted the strength of the company in the market through his wits of reading the trends. The primary responsibility that he plays currently in the organization is to oversee the quality of the companies produce and create a better alternative of the National Steel Car whenever it came across the hurdle in the scene of marketing.


Gregory James Aziz is a professional economist who graduated from University of Western Ontario. He has utilized his skills in creating opportunities in the world of business. The experience he has gained long ago while serving in the food business of the family company. It demonstrated his abilities in the arena of management and set the firm in the international market. Get Related Information Here.


Gregory James Aziz is an experienced businessman with excellent managerial skills that he has applied in steering the National Steel Car to the right niche.




What Mike Baur’s Tips for Young Company Founders

Mike Baur, founder of the Swiss Startup Factory has been helping other founders as he can with the best tips he can offer. Most young entrepreneurs, or those who found new companies may fear that they don’t have what it takes to make it. This is why Mike Baur is the best person to answer these questions.


One of the most commonly asked questions that Baur gets is “What can you do to come up with a brilliant idea?” Baur keeps it simple, sharing with entrepreneurs that the easiest way to come up with an idea is to let it come to you. There is no such thing as forcing an idea in his opinion. Baur also talks about being in the moment. If you start making notes about something that is needed or can solve a problem, just ask, “Why is it not there yet?” Baur always appears to keep it simple and low stress. He feels that the less you think about it the easier it becomes.


There also challenges that he sees when nothing happens once an entrepreneur has considered what is needed. He has always noticed that oftentimes ideas are not implemented as they should be. There is a lot that entrepreneurs know they should do but yet the are left undone. One of the most basic according to Baur is the lack of a website. There are also numerous tools available at no cost to entrepreneurs for communicating with their audience. He has noticed that oftentimes, entrepreneurs fail to use these tools. This is why Baur feels so strongly that startups have a great chance to succeed and maintain a strong business.


Although tools and resources are easy to come by these days, many are still asking what qualities matter most to others. Baur makes it clear that these tips are super simple too, and mostly they are personal choices one must make otherwise they do not have a shot at success. Those are trusting, and not being afraid to fail. He also says to avoid naysayers, or those who tell you that you cannot accomplish what you set out to do. Lastly, he suggests working like a pig. Working hard is without a doubt a necessity with any startup, and it requires a lot of your time.


Baur still maintains his work with the SSUF today in Switzerland with his fintech partners.


Bringing Back the Industry: Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a well-known name in the Canadian railroad industry, and his past successes are currently being taught in business classes. His revival of National Steel Car is something of a miracle, and there are even some case studies being taught in Universities to highlight the importance of a goods strategy and business knowledge.

Gregory J. Aziz was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and he has always had a close affiliation with his hometown. After graduating at Ridley College and later joined Western University. Aziz worked for his family’s business. He soon realized that he had a great business ability and knowledge, bringing Affiliated Foods from being just a local distributor to a worldwide food distribution corporation. He wanted to get into something new, however, and set his sights on National Steel car.

NSC had been a prime company in the railroad business for nearly 100 years before Greg Aziz had even heard of it. They manufacture red rolling stock for the best railroad companies in Canada for years. However, poor management and a lack of strategic discipline caused the company to spiral downwards, and an industry shift from rail transport to truck transport in the 1970s only caused its further decline. On the brink of bankruptcy, the company was purchased by Gregory J Aziz who was able to turn the whole thing around.

Gregory J Aziz made it his mission to bring back National Steel Car. After making himself CEO, he started change up how things were done. He put a focus on engineering and creating quality cars, shifting away from the previous strategy of making low-cost cars for customers. He knew that new regulations and a shift in the market dictated that customer would want higher-quality and longer-lasting products. He also realized that sales were being stifled by a lack of production capacity. He promptly hired several new employees and invested in new machinery and equipment that would increase this capacity.


Steadily, more and more customers were attracted to this new way of doing things. A new marketing approach focusing on higher-quality and better-engineered cars than the competition put NSC on the map. Now National Steel Car is one of the only rolling stock manufacturers left in the North American Market. They have deals with every major railroad and several companies all over Canada and the U.S. The company brings in over $200 million each year, and quality awards have been won there since 1996. Thanks to Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car was brought back, and the railroad industry has started to be revived.  See This Page for related information.

The Success Story of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is an entrepreneur from Canada. He was, before, the chairperson and also held the position of the chief executive of UTC. Louis was also once the Head of Pratt and Whitney Canada.

He obtained his production management bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal. He also received his honorary doctorate from HEM Montreal in May 2011. Still, in 2011, a United States of America magazine that focuses on aviation news named him the person of the year due to his significant efforts and achievements in the field of study and profession.

Louis Chenevert was elected Pratt and Whitney’s president in 1999 after working there for six years. After seven years, Chenevert was elected CEO and the chairman of UTC. This was in March 2006. He later resigned as the CEO of UTC on December 8, 2014

In December 2011, Chenevert was under the chairperson of the business council. In September 2015, he became a banking advisor, and this is where he gained respect and trust. What he did was offer advice on other business in the industry and aerosol sectors.

During the period that he was the head of the company, UTC skillfully shifted its focus and energy on its crucial markets. This helped in leveraging financial and functional synergies. For many years, he has gained the name “think tank.”

Chenevert left an impressive history in the fact that under his leadership UTC was able to keep its position in the market as a leader in terms of innovation. It was able to be so in building and aerospace without leaving its original position.

Louis Chenevert spent enough time in the company to enable him to run their related corporations with an equal code, and this led to great achievements. This was also reflected i the relations of UTC. UTC was able to benefit from invention of new commodities and also their supplication. Due to this, UTC, under the leadership of Chenevert was able to benefit from the life cycle of all the products in its business lines leading to a turnover for the business as a whole.