Larkin and Lacey

If you’re unfamiliar with the court case involving the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office and newspaper executives Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, it is a case that helped unearth many instances of racial profiling in the predominantly Latino County, located in Arizona.

According to several news articles, on October 18, 2007, both Larkin and Lacey were illegally detained at the behest of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who reportedly instructed the county’s Selective Enforcement Unit to take Larkin and Lacey into custody.

The detainment was in retaliation for an article that appeared in the Phoenix New Times, a local paper that is published by the Village Voice Media, which is executively produced by both Larkin and Lacey.

The newspaper article detailed how the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office targeted, and in many cases, violated the rights of Latino drivers, even after a preliminary injunction by the U.S. district court ordered them to stop.

In spite of the 2011 preliminary injunction handed down by Judge G. Murray Snow, the Sheriff’s office continued their practice of profiling Latino drivers, claiming that the terms of the injunction were unclear. In light of the blatant disregard for the judge’s orders, an official ruling was handed down in May 2013 citing Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the Maricopa County Sheriff office, with willfully engaging in racial profiling.

In the end, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt, with the Phoenix New Times article playing a pivotal role in the conviction. The article reportedly described actions that were tantamount to political posturing and anti-Mexican fear mongering within the sheriff’s office.

Maricopa County was ultimately ordered to pay a $3.7 million settlement to Larkin and Lacey, based on the illegal detainment and violation of their first amendment rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The settlement money that Larkin and Lacey received was put towards the Frontera Fund, an organization predicated on supporting migrant rights in the state of Arizona. Additionally, the Frontera Fund is an advocate of civil and human rights, as well as freedom of speech and civic participation.

In addition to providing local support to varying causes in Arizona, the Frontera Fund is renowned for helping to provide funding to similarly focused organizations like the ACLU and the advocacy group “No More Deaths.” If you’re unfamiliar with these organizations, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) was founded in 1920 and works to protect the rights of all citizens. “No More Deaths,” founded in 2004, is an advocacy group that has made it their mission to put an end to migrant deaths that occur on the United States/Mexico border.

Regardless of ethnicity, everyone has certain inalienable rights; these very rights, which are protected by the U.S. Government, cannot be marginalized based on someone’s race or ethnicity, and this is precisely what the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office was doing.

Fortunately, the laws that were designed to protect the rights of all people helped put an end to the sheriff’s Office misconduct. At the same time, the settlement and the conviction of Joe Arpaio will remind others in local law enforcement that no one is above the law.

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What There Is To Do Around The Fagali’i Airport

Upolu is an island in the Samoa archipelago located southwest of Hawaii. The city that is on it is called Fagali’i and the population is about 1,600 people. There is an airport on the island with one runway that is called Fagali’i Airport. The airport is owned by Polynesian Airlines who also operate it. There are international flights in and out of Fagali’i Airport that go to American Samoa and Pago Pago. Two airlines make use of the airport, Polynesian Airlines themselves and Samoa Air. Polynesian Airlines has three DHC-6 Twin Otter airplanes that it uses for all of their trips.

Due to the beautiful scenery and warm waters, Fagali’i has tourists visit it throughout the year. The flights in and out of Fagali’i Airport are fairly cheap for such a great place to vacation at. It’s also very affordable to stay at the hotels that are located near the Fagali’i Airport. The least expensive place to stay is Samoa Sport Lodge which is just $37 a night. This hotel is in Apia and about a mile from Faleata Golf Course, a popular course for golfers. It’s also under two miles from another popular destination, Papaseea Sliding Rocks.

The most expensive hotel near the Fagali’i Airport is the Taumeasina Island Resort. This is an upscale resort that still charges just $234 a night. This park is a mile and a half from Apia Park and around six miles from the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. This hotel is popular because it’s easy to get to from the Fagali’i Airport and for a luxury hotel it’s affordable according to

There are several other attractions that are next to the Fagali’i Airport based on Among these is Krush and Giordano’s. Both of these serve authentic food that is based on the cuisine of the island of Upolu. There is also Vanya Taule’alo Gallery which is a popular place to see art. For those who like to shop when they’re on vacation, there is Mailelani which offers a great shopping experience.


How Paul Mamphilly helps Main Street Americans to be Successful

Paul Maphilly is a revered finance professional who has made significant accomplishments in his career. He is a skilled investment manager, and this enabled him to be successful on Wall Street. Mamphilly has served as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. He has been assisting the company in offering useful guidance to Main Street Americans who want to gain wealth from investments, emerging opportunities, small-cap stocks, and technology. The finance expert is also the owner of trusted newsletters such as Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

Every Stock I Select Has This One Thing . . . #Millennials #IoT #investingidea #futurist #PrecisionMedicine

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) August 17, 2017

Mamphilly has been serving the financial sector since 1991. He started his career by working at Banker Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He earned sufficient experience at the firm, and this enabled him to be offered better jobs by companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank. While serving the two businesses, Paul was appointed to manage millions of dollars. He was then hired as a hedge fund manager at Kinetic Asset Management. The firm was valued at about $6 billion when he joined it, but his excellent management skills enabled its worth to grow to more than $25 billion. The company had an annual turnover of over 26 percent during his time in office. The excellent performance of the Kinetic Asset Management made Barons to rate it as one of the top hedge funds.

In 2008, the finance professional and other experts were appointed to participate in an investment competition that was sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. Everyone who was part of the challenge was given $50 million as investment capital. Paul’s outstanding skills enabled him to grow that share that he was offered to $88 million within one year. The challenge was held from 2008 to 2009, which is the period when the United States was facing a financial crisis. Mamphilly managed to beat all the odds in the market to make significant returns, and

Paul Mamphilly achieved a lot before deciding to quit his career on Wall Street. He wanted to retire so that he would be able to be with his family. The finance expert was also determined to guide small investors on how they could generate wealth from their ventures. He felt like had made enough money to wealth people, and it was time to empower the middle-class people. Paul believes that he has not yet retired from the finance industry because he is involved in several transactions in his daily life. His companies have been assisting Main Street Americans to be successful, and more information click here.

Market America Events Has The Right Attitude

Market America prepares and mentors entrepreneurs by giving them access to proper training and valuable resources necessary to allow their businesses to flourish. Jim Winkler is the Vice President of Sales for Market America and strongly believes that having the right attitude is a guarantee for success.

One of the first steps to taking a business idea and making it a reality is having the ability to consistently be positive. Jim understands that if knowledge of your business isn’t partnered with an open and understanding attitude, it might spell trouble down the road. In addition, he wants to educate entrepreneurs on the importance of staying up to date with Market America events in order to constantly stay in the know. Jim knows what he’s talking about as hard work paired with a positive attitude is what ushered in steady revenue and catapulted Market America to an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau.

What makes people successful, no matter what industry they work in, is the drive to work for what they want. Taking the time to learn the skills necessary to excel is what it takes to make any dream a reality. Jim advises those starting out to listen to the many informational recordings provided by Market America. It is these very same resources that have the power to take an idea and turn it into a profitable and reputable enterprise.

Jim Winkler also advises those just starting out to conduct calls and to stay in communication with mentors and other business associates. In this way, knowledge is gained and it gives businessmen and women the opportunity to showcase their ambition and determination to succeed. For more information on how to become a part of this revolutionary company, be sure to head over to the Market America website.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Business in Brazil

Roberto Santiago has earned reputation in different parts of the world. He has been a renowned entrepreneur and investor in realtor projects. Santiago is the legend of investment behind the famous Manaira Shopping Mall that is located in Paraiba. His mall is ranked the best and largest in Brazil. It has outstanding facilities fitted which draw the attention of different people. The mall serves a large number of people from Brazil and the tourist who tours beaches and other sites in Brazil.


Roberto was born in the year 1956 in Brazil. He went to PIO X-Marist college after his elementary studies and joined the University of Center Joao Pessoa where Roberto pursued a degree in Business Administration. Before starting a Cartonnage Industry, he was an entrepreneur in Café Santa Rosa. Within a small span of a period the cartonnage firm expanded, and sales increased in volume due to Santiago`s leadership and administration skills. He could write different blogs which made him well known by people who were fond of reading them.


Roberto Santiago later ventured into real estate projects and even bought a land where he could establish the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall took him two years for it to be completed. Roberto also owns the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Although, the heart of his success remains to be the Manaira Shopping Centre. He has always been driven by his mindset, drive, and passion in real estate business.

The shopping mall avails varieties of options to customers. It provides ample parking, colleges, restaurants, banking services, insurance services, fitness place, gaming area, theatre halls, social halls, and large-scale shops. The mall always provides you with a reason to visit again. It always gives you exactly what you want. Roberto Santiago is committed to making Manaira Shopping Mall Centre be the best shopping place in the world.


Capital Steakhouse and the Gourmet Restaurants which are under the Manaira roof provides the customers with the best meals in Brazil. Domus Hall which holds a maximum of 8000 people is fitted with the air conditioner to create a fresh conducive atmosphere to the users. The mall hosts theatrical performances, trade fairs, receptions, exhibitions and other indoor activities making the mall to be visited by many people in a single day. The cinemas here are well fitted with 3 D technology making them a destination for many people.


The facilities, excellent services, and quality products offered in Manaira center create a significant bond between the mall and the customers. Roberto Santiago has been in mall business for over twenty years. His career has always been promising, and he would like to see his company continuing to prosper. Roberto provides the society with experiences and encourages people to become entrepreneurs.


HuffPost Gets Contribution from Video Marketing Expert Bob Reina

When Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, decided to start contributing to Huffington Post, he had his reasons. Now, with the relaunching of a new brand, including the style and tone of the outlet, he agrees even more with their direction. The newly called HuffPost focuses on inclusiveness with their content, giving voices to people who previously had none. And that’s exactly what Bob Reina wants to do. He believes that people should be helped no matter what their background is. This shows his true attitude of helping people and philanthropy.


Reina brings his expertise in marketing, direct sales, and video technological trend spotting after 25 years in these fields. He has used this knowledge to build up Talk Fusion to be an international sensation in the field of communications and business. It started in 2007 when he founded it to solve a simple problem he was having. His friend and he were conversing in emails, but neither could figure out how to attach or embed email files in AOL’s system. This seemingly small problem would be the catalyst to launch an innovative new video and email technology company.


Thanks to Talk Fusion’s direct selling approach, individual agents in over 140 countries worldwide sign people up one on one. They receive reasonable commissions and get paid instantly. This cuts costs to the consumer, making Talk Fusion one of the most affordable communications technologies in existence. In addition to this, the company also gives various donations to charities around the world, including women’s shelters and animal shelters.


To try Talk Fusion, you can download a free 30 day trial on Apple, Android, or PC stores ( The app works on tablets, smart phones, and desktops. That way, no matter where you are you can use it. With Talk Fusion, users aren’t limited to just one functionality. You can use video conferencing, video emails, instant messaging, and even choose from a variety of templates. This is helping businesses transform their sales approach to increase revenues and track customer communications in new and engaging ways. As one might imagine, customer satisfaction is at an all time high.


Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was shocked to find out that his wife was diagnosed cancer a few years ago. Being a data driven dot-com revolutionary, Eric Lefkofsky was disappointed in the way that his wife’s cancer was approached. He saw a gaping hole in the data required to understand his wife’s cancer more clearly and to treat the cancer more effectively.

To understand what Eric Lefkofsky did next, you need to understand his background. He is a Michigan man who graduated from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Just two years later he attained his Juris Doctor but he did not go into law. He entered the dot-com boom and quickly emerged as one of the big players and more information click here.

With his background in computer analytics, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to found Tempus. Tempus, as Eric Lefkofsky sees it, is the future in healthcare data collection and analytics and learn more about Eric.

There is a real problem in collecting medical data in the United States. Most hospitals have started to move towards an electronic database for all patients, but this electronic database is not adequate, according to Eric Lefkofsky. Tempus is a company that strives to collect all patient data in order to create more effective treatment models for cancer.

The company does this in a variety of different ways. First and foremost is the collection of critical patients data when it comes to cancer. One of the largest hurdles that the company had to overcome was the hand written notes that most doctors kept about their patients. Tempus figure out a way to record these handwritten notes into a digital database to collect more information and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

The other amazing initiative of the company is to collect cellular and molecular data. The medical community is now understanding that cancers are incredibly individualistic. Having a DNA profile of the cancer and of the patient is critical in forming ineffective treatment response.

Eric Lefkofsky is not even 50 years old yet he is at the forefront of medical data collection. Just think about what this data could mean in a few years or even a few decades. It could mean the elimination of cancer.

Mrs. Jackson – Hello

Julia Jackson, Proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, attended college at Scripps and Stanford, two of the best schools all around. She did not stop there. She has worked with many places ever since and now sides with non-profit Jackson Family Wines, along with countless other nonprofit institutions, to promote the proper sale and distribution of healthy wines all across America. She has been in countless recent news articles and capped pieces as well as several social media platforms, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. This young female professional is smart, savvy and prepared on all levels.

She holds that one of the best wines in Sonoma – if not the absolute best all around – is the wonderfully unique, rich and delightful Sauvignon Blanc. During her South Beach Seafood week, she likewise hopes to display quite the collection, including all the following wines and a few others as “surprises”:

Cabernet Sauvignon





Red and white Rhônes

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In addition, her late ancestor, Jess Jackson, got the whole wine business started when he decided to venture out and explore a bit of all that the wine country world had to offer. He then founded the wine home and business that the Jacksons currently use and is still remembered as their family hero. He called the business Kendall-Jackson and then went on to build several other wineries ever since, before his sad passing away a few years later; nonetheless, his inspiration, his spirit and his legacy love on to this day and are no less than pivotal factors in the direction of the company.

The 1982 Chardonnay was one of Jess Jackson’s favorites and is likewise one of Julia Jackson’s as well. I suppose great minds think alike. Julia Jackson inherited both his tastes and his talents for success.

Tony Petrello – A Combination of Luck and Skill

Some people are destined for greatness. It could be luck. It could be skill. For most people it is a combination of both. This is certainly true for Anthony Petrello.

According to Lloyd Grove, Tony’s college roommate, at the young age of 18 Tony was already a whiz at math. He could be seen scribbling ancient mathematical theorems on greasy napkins. Tony would go on to become a protégé to none other than Professor Serge Lang who was himself a renowned mathematician the world over. Tony was destined to do ground breaking work in the world of mathematics if he continued in that field. However, it would soon become apparent to Tony that the life of a mathematician was not for him and he would give up that life to pursue a degree in law and more information click here.

Tony Petrello would go on to earn a justice degree from Harvard Law. Using that degree Tony would land a job at the law firm Baker and McKenzie where he worked from 1979 to 1991. He was so skilled at his job in corporate law that he would get promoted to the position of Managing Partner with the New York office. He served there faithfully from 1986 to 1991 which is where he caught the eye of one of Baker and McKenzie’s largest clients, Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries offered Tony the role of Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and he gladly accepted. In 1992 he began serving as the company’s president and he holds that position all the way to the present time. In October of 2011 he was offered the role of Chief Executive Officer in addition to his role as president. Following his promotion as Chief Executive officer he became Chairman of the Board in 2012 and learn more about Tony.

Underneath his leadership and skills stock prices have rose over 180%. The increase of profit led to a nice increase of salary for Tony Petrello. The increase in salary was so generous that he would be named one of the highest paid CEOs in the world and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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How Does Arthur Becker Succeed In Business?

Arthur Becker is one of the finest real estate investors in New York, and he started as a technology investor who was pumping money into companies on Silicon Valley. This article explains how he has become successful, and there are many different people who may learn something about business that they did not know before. Arthur is investing in a way that is quite profitable, and he has a vision for New York that is different from most. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

#1: Investing In New Buildings

Arthur has invested in large buildings in New York that are condos and large apartments. He wants to attract people to the city who want to live the New York life, and he believes that he will find a number of young business people who wish to move into his buildings. He has moved into a condo in a project that he traded for, and he is building in a large warehouse.

#2: The Tech Industry

Arthur made quite a lot of money from his first few investments in the technology world, and he used his success in technology to move into real estate. He has spent millions on businesses that have made billions, and he will continue to do so because he has the resources to do so.

#3: Changing The Face Of New York City

Arthur wishes to change the face of New York City by investing in things that are quite unique. He wants to think forward to the future, and he knows that he may teach other real estate investors something that will make the city better. The city will grow quite a lot because of his work, and he will offer a lovely lifestyle to many new young workers.

The investments that Arthur Becker has made in New York are important for the growth of the city and its real estate market. Real estate prices are growing, and Arthur believes that making investments over and over again is the only way to find success. He has been bold in his work, and it has been proven to be the finest way to succeed in both tech and real estate.

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