Whitney Wolfe Has Created The Perfect Online Trifecta For Women

In today’s society, women want it all. They want successful careers, fulfilling friendships, and a loving spouse. Whitney Wolfe is a woman who believes that women deserve all of those things and more. Unfortunately, we all live such busy lives. It’s hard to find friends and time to date. It’s also hard to find network events that aren’t dry and boring. Therefore, Wolfe is a woman who is moving everything into the online realm. She wants to make it easier for women to accomplish all their goals without having to put fort much time and effort.

Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. If you haven’t heard of Bumble yet, you may be living under a rock. It’s one of the fastest growing online-dating apps with new users downloading it every day. The appeal of Bumble is that it’s very female-friendly app. It lets women call all the shots. A man can’t talk to a woman first unless she makes the first move and opens up that avenue for conversation. Wolfe came up with this idea because she wished there was an option like that in real life. This idea of putting women first makes online dating safer for them and it also cuts down on unwanted advances.

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With the success of Bumble, comes a few different spin-offs. Wolfe created Bumble BFF for those women who are only seeking friends. She also created Bumble Bizz for those who take their network seriously. Women can form business connections, chat with like-minded individuals, and possibly even find their dream job. Together, all of these apps are having a positive impact on women’s lives. Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble Bizz after she saw that people were already using the app Bumble to network. It was the logical next step. Whitney Wolfe is excited to put her usual feminism touch to the app in homes to cut back on sexism in the workplace.

Wolfe is someone who truly does it all. Wolfe grew up In Utah and attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. She went on to be a successful businesswoman. It seems that Wolfe now has it all. She recently tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony off the Italian coast to Michael Herd, the love of her life. Although they didn’t meet online, Wolfe wants everyone to have the possibility of finding love like she has found.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Putting Warmth Back into Medicine

Since graduating from Tulane University’s School of Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he would be destined for great things in the medical world. He set out to forge his own path, with the sole purpose of changing the healthcare market. He also holds an MBA and combines that with his medical training to provide his clients with innovative medical service they cannot receive anywhere else. After graduating, Dr. Mark McKenna went out into the world and began practicing with his father. While this was an exciting time for him, he knew that he wanted to do more with his life and he launched his very first business, Dr. Mark McKenna Venture Investments.

Dr. Mark McKenna initially when into real estate as his first passion. While his father practiced medicine and he wanted to join the family business, he found something very exciting about the real estate market. After the loss of his businesses to Hurricane Katrina, his relocation to Atlanta, and his change in perspective, Dr. McKenna chose to rejuvenate his love of medicine. He took the business savvy he learned in real estate and combined it with his medical knowledge to create ShapeMed, a new medical aesthetics company.

In 2014, he sold the booming practice and became the National Medical Director for Life Time Fitness Inc. While his time there was beneficial for him in a business sense and he gained a lot of knowledge, Dr. Mark McKennna knew that he wanted to build something truly amazing. On the heels of his decision to leave, he launched OVME. OVME, pronounced “of me”, is a medical aesthetics company that is approaching elective medical treatment with a twist. McKenna explains that he wanted the medical experience to feel homey and inviting. He wanted to take away the sterile, cold environment typically associated with medical procedures and replace it with something warm. With Dr. McKenna at the helm, OVME is poised to change the way that people chose to engage in elective healthcare treatment, such as Botox. Dr. Mark McKenna is showing that we now live in a world where clients can choose luxury and comfort with their healthcare.

SahmAdrangi Invests In Kerrisdale Capital Management to Establish Business Platforms

SahmAdrangi owns Kerrisdale Capital Management, an investment company that recently raised $100 million to bet in an investment company. The investment is based on one stock. According to the Reuters, the stock is meant to generate money after investment. The co-investment is a new docket of earning money for business. SahmAdrangi who is in contact with some of the key project handlers stated that it is one of the investments Karrisdale holds dear. Hedge fund managers are known for their focus in investing in specific dockets. Some of these investments focus on the recovery of distressing situations that energy companies go through. Others focus on the recovery of residential mortgage securities.

Investment Profile

Kerrisdale is an average sized firm that has taken big steps towards the investment. There are plans to make money from it. Well, the money making business will be profitable to investors and the project handlers as well. The money will be spent in acquiring stocks from the public company that has not been disclosed. According to Adrangi, the short time frame has been useful in making preparations. The amount of capital invested in the business is enough to facilitate developmental projects that will lead to success. Adrangi added in the email he wrote to investors that the company has tried to explain the basics to every investor.

Business Profile

With the assistance of Shane Wilson the company’s analyst, the company will focus on campaigns, website developments, videos and report to convince other parties on the importance of the project. The company that has been invested in will be revealed in May. It is the hope of the investors that the business earns them profit. The information was not released to the Reuters but it was not made for public release. The collected fund is already being spent on purchasing stocks.

Adrangi’s Profile

Adrangi is the chief executive leader of Karrisdale Capital Management. In all aspects, he has grown the firm. Since 2009 when it was founded, it the company has accumulated $ 150 million in profits. Adrangi is recognized as an author and publisher of some bestselling books. The books discuss market shares and the misconceptions of businesses.


Eva Moskowitz Touts Charter Schools And Bipartisanship

We all hear about the heated rhetoric that comes out of Washington on a daily basis. Both political parties snipping at one another constantly over this issue or that. What we don’t often hear about are those who are working behind the scenes to get things done. They are often not politicians or even necessarily people with a lot of political clout, but instead are heroes like Eva Moskowitz.

What Eva Moskowitz cares about is school choice. She wants to see that children are able to access charter schools, particularly in areas where the public school system has simply failed. Eva Moskowitz has recently been touting the accomplishments she has had with the charter school known as Success Academy.

Eva Moskowitz says that Success Academy is a great example to the nation of what can be done with charter schools. When people are given the choice as to where to send their children to school, Eva Moskowitz believes that is the very definition of freedom. She is gaining a lot of backers with this particular message as well. You see, people are hungry for a real choice when it comes to the education of their children. They often feel locked into a system where they either have to spend huge amounts of money on private schools or else send their child to a public school that is not working properly.

Moskowitz has brought her message to Capital Hill and to both political parties. In fact, she fights back against those who say that she is somehow allied with President Trump. She has had meetings with Republican leaders, but Moskowitz insists that she is a registered Democrat and even voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. She just wants to see her policy visions put into place no matter which party is in power at the moment.