The Success of Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatrician who has experienced the privilege of being a family doctor of Royal family of the Saudi. All the doctors wait for such a rare opportunity that Saad Saad got to treat the king and queen of Saudi. Becoming a personal pediatrician of the loyal family is determined by high qualification and the ability to speak Arabic and English fluently. Thus for Dr. Saad, he qualified with first class distinction which enabled him to get a scholarship and traveled to England to continue with his studies. The other ability to speak fluent Arabic is as a result being born in the Middle East. During the four and half year when he was a doctor in King Faisal Specialist Hospital, he conducted surgeries ranging from the simplest to the most complex ones. For instance, he successfully operated on an infant who was diagnosed with an aneurysm and not only did he save the child’s life but also created awareness across the world. As a result of the professionalism and ethics, the opinions and advice given to the chief of protocol and the head of the hospital by Dr.Saad were highly considered. In some instances, he advised the hospital whether to send the patient abroad or to receive treatment at the hospital without any objections. Particularly in one case, an assistant chief at the hospital personally requested Dr.Saad to perform the surgery rather than take him abroad. Learn more:


During his time as the personal doctor to the royal family, he did not only serve the rich but also offered his services to the very poor in the society who needed to get complex surgeries. Before becoming one of the reputable surgeons in the world, Dr. Saad experienced poverty first hand making it possible for him to appreciate the importance of helping the needy. Recently, Dr.Saad Saad was quoted addressing some of the valuable lessons he has, and they include: honest, hard-working and fairness.He believes that all the children and people are equal regardless of their religion, color, mental or physical abilities. In the United States where he practiced medicine for many years, he engaged continuously in the charity work where he helped the children and the adult in Holy Land. Besides,he has taken part in four medical Mission in America and eight mission in Jerusalem where he has performed for free complex surgeries on poor and needy children. Thus the opportunity to work as the personal doctor for the royal family gave him a chance to carry on with this charity work. In the kingdom of Arabia, there is a large number of the poor people who could not easily afford complex surgeries. Thus when working for the Loyal family, Dr.Saad Saad was able to push for more resources to cater for the surgeries of the poor and other healthcare aspects.


Working with the Expertise of Dr. Jennifer Walden

If you ever wanted to look good and feel better about yourself, you’re going to want to consider making use of Dr. Jennifer Walden and knowing that this professional is there to help in a variety of different ways. Before you know it, you’ll have the body or face that you want and know that this is something that is ideal for your every need. Make sure that you take a good look at Dr. Jennifer Walden and see why a lot of people have chosen her for this specific type of work to be done and more

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Now that you can make use of Dr. Jennifer Walden and see that she is the right choice for you, it is time for you to make use of her services and see why she is one of the most trusted options available to meet your needs. Now is a good time for you to check out Dr. Jennifer Walden and see that she is one of the best out there for you to use when it is most needed. Make sure to give Dr. Jennifer Walden a call and see if she can help you like she has for a lot of other people.

Dr. Mark McKenna: Putting Warmth Back into Medicine

Since graduating from Tulane University’s School of Medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he would be destined for great things in the medical world. He set out to forge his own path, with the sole purpose of changing the healthcare market. He also holds an MBA and combines that with his medical training to provide his clients with innovative medical service they cannot receive anywhere else. After graduating, Dr. Mark McKenna went out into the world and began practicing with his father. While this was an exciting time for him, he knew that he wanted to do more with his life and he launched his very first business, Dr. Mark McKenna Venture Investments.

Dr. Mark McKenna initially when into real estate as his first passion. While his father practiced medicine and he wanted to join the family business, he found something very exciting about the real estate market. After the loss of his businesses to Hurricane Katrina, his relocation to Atlanta, and his change in perspective, Dr. McKenna chose to rejuvenate his love of medicine. He took the business savvy he learned in real estate and combined it with his medical knowledge to create ShapeMed, a new medical aesthetics company.

In 2014, he sold the booming practice and became the National Medical Director for Life Time Fitness Inc. While his time there was beneficial for him in a business sense and he gained a lot of knowledge, Dr. Mark McKennna knew that he wanted to build something truly amazing. On the heels of his decision to leave, he launched OVME. OVME, pronounced “of me”, is a medical aesthetics company that is approaching elective medical treatment with a twist. McKenna explains that he wanted the medical experience to feel homey and inviting. He wanted to take away the sterile, cold environment typically associated with medical procedures and replace it with something warm. With Dr. McKenna at the helm, OVME is poised to change the way that people chose to engage in elective healthcare treatment, such as Botox. Dr. Mark McKenna is showing that we now live in a world where clients can choose luxury and comfort with their healthcare.

Imran Khan’s Prowess in Medicine

Imran Haque is a doctor whose proficiency, adroitness and savvy has him termed as a master of all trades in the medical field. He is affiliated with multiple hospitals in North Carolina. He is also a licensed internist at the Horizon Internal Medicine Clinic, which mainly deals with the internal sector of medicine: surgery. It is done through the use of robotics and other non-invasive methods of surgery. Technology virtually improves with time and the clinic has embraced it. The clinic is up to speed when it comes to advancement in treatment methods. This helps in many ways, including accurate diagnosis and treatment, precision and impeccable performance.

This robot aided surgery method has been made popular in North Carolina by Dr. Imran Haque. How this machine works is quite simple, although one needs to have the expertise in traditional surgery. In layman’s language, this machine works in a mimicry way. The surgeon, who is in full control, behind the console does the surgery as the robot moves with the instruments held in its hands. The process generally requires the knowledge and skill of man incorporated with the robot’s precision and exactitude and to know more

To add onto his resume, Dr. Imran Haque has been serving in the medical field for more than a decade. With a degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana and an award in CMS Stage 1 EHR, he is known for the cosmetic surgeries as well as laser hair removal. He has been helping patients with weight management, Venus body contouring and treatment of diabetes. Imran khan is committed when it comes to assisting his patients suffering from diabetes overcome this ailment. The passionate Imran khan has dedicated his knowledge and skills to see his patients recover. His clinic, which is known for its cosmetic surgeries, also helps patients lose weight, lead a healthy life and manage various health conditions.