Glenn Schlossberg and Cathy Daniels Apparel

Hop Style Group announced tóday its management óf the sportswear Label Cathy DanieIs. Jump Style Group possesses used upon all asséts linked to Cathy Daniels. The Cathy Daniels sales force and factory groupings will continue while Director Jerry Passaretti-the encounter of Cathy DanieIs for days gone by 40 years-will spearhead it is business advancement within Bounce Design Gróup.

“We’re nót on an objective to take businesses that are in big trouble and change them around, ” clarifies Ashesh Amin, CEO of Jump Style Group. “We’ré on an objective to acquire businesses which have an audio organization portfolio, ánd complement all of them with these approaches, marketing, and consumer’s bottom.

The past due Herbert T. ChestIer began Eccobay 39 years ago, out from the returning chair of his statión wagon. In 1984, a couple of years after his sóns Sam and Dánny became a member of the group, the Cathy Danieal label premiered and is growing and improve ás ahead inside the moderate sportswear region. Sam and Dánny mentioned, “Glenn Schlossberg trained all of us the business enterprise, that was built about effort, dependability, integrity, and dedication in order to the very best item for the customers. inch

“We will be extremely pleased with the reality that we have gone a musical legacy and ensured our whole Cáthy Daniels group, incorporating our factory teams, could have the opportunity tó continue steadily to run the company under fresh leadership, very well stated Dorrie and DanieI Chester, inches Today for phase, we’ve passed the tórch to Leap Design and style Group, yet moreover to Glenn Schlossberg, Ashesh Amin ánd Jerry Passaretti-wé desire them extended growth and achievement with this family heritage. ”

Mister. Amin, án apparel sector veteran who also provides helped build bránds J. Créw, BCBG, Adrianna Papel and Bómbay Top Firm left a comment, ” During the last 30 years, each of our founder Schlossberg established a solid business basis at Leap. In thé following several years, we all will graph and or a fresh program by using the state-of-the-art technology to have the best merchandise tó the client at the proper time. Each of our acquisitión technique is normally to synergize the robust back again end infrastructuré with the obtained companies, as the front end-thé brands and product sales teams-remains the same. inch.




Igor Cornelson: From Engineering Student to Renowned Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment expert who was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. At age eighteen he enrolled in the Federal University of Parana majoring an engineering major. The school was one of only two universities offering engineering courses in the area, and getting admitted was quite an accomplishment. However, he changed his major to economics and soon after graduating began work at an investment bank in Rio de Janeiro named Multibanco. Hard work earned him a quick promotion to board of directors and again to Chief Operating Officer (CEO).

After Multibanco was acquired by Bank of America in 1978, Cornelsen decided to leave the company. He stuck by this decision even after being asked to stay at the company. Such a talented man of course promptly found another position, and he joined Unibanco one of the top investment firms in Brazil. But in 1985 inflation spiked, and he left for a more favorable secure position at Libra Bank in London. He was paid in American currency and moved to London, where he changed jobs one last time to work for the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. They were impressed by his work at Libra Bank and requested that he join their board of directors.

This would be his last job, and he worked for the bank several years until 1995. When he left the company to launch his own investment firm. He now manages his own investments and holds seminars. Cornelsen encourages investors to turn their attention to emerging economies like Brazil and China. His many years working in the industry have helped him to avoid financial disasters when every other investor fell ruin. When he is not working he enjoys playing a nice round of golf and spends his time between sunny Sao Paolo and South Florida.

The difference Jason Hope is making in charitable organizations

Jason Hope is a business owner, and one thing he is passionate about is to improve the lives of people of Arizona. He works hard in giving his support to organizations that have the goal of changing the lives of the community. One of the organizations that Jason Hope support is one that is concerned about the elderly, so they are coming up with means that the elderly will use to live longer and healthier. SENS Foundation is another organization that Jason Hope has helped by giving them half a million dollar. The foundation is based in California their goal is that they will be able to implement, promote and develop biotechnology strategies that will take care of age-related diseases. The reason why the foundation attracted Jason was that it offered services that he was interested in changing. More about of Jason Hope on Crunchbase.

The good thing about the Internet of Things is that it will change the world to be a better place. Technology will somehow rule the daily lives. The Internet of Things will take care of the everyday tasks that human beings take care off. Jason Hope thinks that the help that the SENS Foundation is trying to give to the people is needed as fast as possible. The foundation is meant to help with aging disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

The other organization that he has supported that shows his philanthropic side are the Worldwide Orphans Foundation, T Gen Foundation and Teach for America Phoenix. The understanding that Jason has in technology is the reason why he can watch how the industry is working and predict the future result that they are going to receive. Through his website, he chooses young people that have great ideas, and he finds means that he can help them make the plan possible. Jason Hope believes that the young aspiring entrepreneurs are the one that will predict the future of technology. Jason attended the Arizona University where he obtained his degree in finance. He later joined ASU W.P Carey Business School, and that’s where he got his MBA. The other thing that Jason is interested in apart from the business and helping others is Arizona politics.



Meet Ara Chackerian and his view on the Mental Health Month

Ara Chackerian is a committed philanthropist, serial angel investor and also a renowned entrepreneur. He serves as managing partner at the ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a company that focuses on making investment in healthcare startup companies. Ara is a co-founder and a dedicated member of the TMS Health Solution, which basically provides Transcranial magnetic solutions to people who suffer from depression resulting from them being resistant to treatment. Before he co-founded the TMS Health Solutions, he was largely involved in the field of entrepreneurship and making investments.


Specifically, Ara Chackerian basically invests in those startups in healthcare showing commitment towards reinventing the Healthcare system in the United States of America. Having worked for over twenty years building healthcare companies, he has earned himself wide experience and deep knowledge in that sector. Some of the companies that he has founded include PipelineRX, a leading Telepharmacy services provider, and BMC Diagnostics which basically offer services concerning diagnostic imaging among others. He serves an s the Chief Executive Officer of the BMC Diagnostics and also as an Executive Vice President of a global medical products distributor known as the PSS/world medical.


According to Ara Chackerian, during the Mental Health Month, it is a significant period to recognize those suffering from mental illnesses. The Mental Health Month was started by the Mental Health America Organization back in the year 1949. There are so many people that have been found to be suffering from the mental health diseases, therefore, there are several things that you can do during this month as a way to address the mental health issues.


During the month, you should work towards elimination of the stigma associated with mental health illnesses. This is a key problem that mentally ill people undergo, especially the choices of words that people use while discussing issues concerning mental health. Ara Chackerian says that while dealing with mental illnesses, you shouldn’t make it a secret. You should also show your involvement with mental oriented health problems with a great impact in the community. During the Mental Health Month, you should be in a position to comprehend the best way in which you should help people facing the crisis. You can visit to see more.




The Success Story of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is not a typical CEO we come across daily, but he is a man who is set apart. His achievements and contributions to the business world make him unique and worth imitating. Robert studied at Purdue University, where he attained a business management degree in 1995. After completing his studies, he wanted to join the business community and leave his mark. He did not want to be like ordinary businesspeople but wanted to come up with unique things to attract clients. He started his first business called Fanlink a few years after graduating and this gave him important lessons he used to maneuver the market.

While Fanlink was doing well, Robert wanted to do greater things and so he set his eyes on coming up with other business ideas. His love for technology drove him to venture into customer service solutions. Before long, he became a household name and everyone wanted to work with him. He was appointed the Executive Vice President of iS3 Corporation, which offers technological solutions such as technical support, and digital security. After learning the ropes of business at iS3 and Fanlink, he was in a better place to do more things and excel. Robert co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011 and is currently the CEO of the firm. His roles involve overseeing daily operations and ensuring customers get the right service.

The reason why ATS is where it is today is that of Deignan’s commitment to putting the name of the company on the world map. Moreover, he uses the experience he acquired from being a Vice President to navigate the tech industry and push the brand to where it is today. He is known as a shrewd businessman who takes every opportunity to promote his business and interact with like-minded people. ATS solves all technology issues and this is the reason for its popularity. Surrounded by a team of experts, Deignan not only makes the company great but also worth following. The company has return customers coming new ones to try amazing experiences the company offers. Without a doubt, Robert Deignan has proven that he is not your ordinary businessman, but is set apart from the crowd.

The Oxford Club Makes You a Wealthier Investor

The Oxford Club is a network of investors and entrepreneurs around the world who share their wealth of knowledge for the benefit of all members. They’re based in Baltimore Maryland, and produce a lot of information to help members become more successful in business and life, and especially in their investments.

Recently the Club published an article expressing the four foundations of their investing advice. It goes far beyond mere tips or speculation on specific companies that will be soon out of date. Instead, this article contains information all investors can use to improve their results now and for the rest of their lives. That includes the youngest investors just getting started as well as the most experienced. Even many people who consider themselves smart and sophisticated make mistakes in these areas.

The first principle is to diversify. Unfortunately, many investors believe diversification means buying all the high tech companies instead of just one. However, true diversification requires much more depth. It requires investors to spread their investments out among many asset classes, not just buy only stocks.

William Bonner, the founder of The Agora, started the Oxford Club.

Diversification also requires people buy different kinds of the same asset classes. Stocks are great to own, but people should buy both large and small companies. Some kinds of economic conditions and markets favor large cap stocks. Some kinds of economic conditions and markets favor small cap stocks. You should have large, established blue chip companies and some small companies that are likely to grow into the large blue chip successes of the future. And invest in many sectors, not just tech stocks. And buy the stocks of companies in other parts of the world outside the United States. The biggest growth of the future could easily come from emerging markets in Asia, Africa or South America.

Rejuvenating the Future with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur who is from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an advocate for local educational programs that inspire learning within or outside the classroom; and organizations that deal with cures, control, and prevention of diseases.Hope finished his studies at the Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He pursued his master’s in business administration (MBA) at W.P. Carey School of Business. At the onset of practicing his profession, he established a mobile communications firm. After the success of his business, he concentrates his efforts on investing in business startups, philanthropy, and biotechnology.

As the scientific community seriously starts to contemplate the function of rejuvenation biotechnologies as the answer to age-related diseases, Hope revealed that he is donating the amount of $500,000 in favor of SENS Foundation, who is currently making research progress on rejuvenation biotechnology, which looks into the inhibition of age causing diseases right before it happens.The objective of SENS is to create a framework that repairs the damage which normally accumulates in the body that may ultimately lead to the development of deadly pathogens. Their sound reasoning is because traditional medicines that address aging diseases like Alzheimer’s including lung and heart illnesses are only disseminated after the onset of the disease. But SENS would like to be able to treat the root causes of the said diseases before they occur and prevent them from materializing.

SENS has been engaged in a program called AGE-breaker. In order for a treatment or drug to fit the specifics of AGE, it must have the properties or ability to break down harmful body waste that starts a progressive form of degeneration. Age-related ailments like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, atherosclerosis occur as people get older because of biological breakdowns that normally occur as an individual grows old. Experiments have been carried out in animals but researchers discovered that there is quite a difference within the human and animal anatomy when it comes to aging. Thus, the donation made by Hope will help SENS carry the research further. The reason behind Jason Hope’s support for the work being done at SENS is his vision for the creation of a life that is not only longer, but which has more quality. He said that he totally supports the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey and he believes that the work he and his team are doing at SENS is vital to the universal problem related to human aging and the improvement of medicine in answer to such issues.

Malcolm CasSelle Bringing Blockchain Technology To Gaming World

Cryptocurrency and blockchains seem to be popping up everywhere. One gaming executive sees this innovative digital technology as a way to innovate the world of gaming. Malcolm CasSelle is leading the way as the CIO of the biggest bitcoin merchant on the planet, and Malcolm CasSselle’s lacrosse camp.

CasSalle’s company OPSkins is hard at work launching a blockchain platform for virtual asset trading. This new platform, known as the World Asset Exchange (WAX) will allow people to trade virtual assets on a blockchain. That means WAX can help eliminate fraud and allow the instant exchange of virtual assets between buyers and sellers. Best of all, players won’t have to click off their game during their exchange.

As the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm CasSelle has been instrumental in the implementation of WAX. He has helped with the creation of the tokenized exchange of virtual assets that will allow a seamless transaction between all parties. And executing each trade will be as simple as using a blockchain-enabled widget, and

So how exactly is the WAX blockchain powered? Simple, by using a Delegated Proof of Stake. This type of consensus algorithm is the fastest and most efficient model that is available for these types of transactions. And OPSkins’ experienced team will ensure that the launch and ongoing operation of the Worldwide Asset Exchange will be a fair, fast and efficient platform, and Malcolm CasSelle on Facebook.

As an early stage investor in Facebook and Zynga, Malcolm CasSelle is astute in finding technological trends. And Mr. CasSelle has continued to put his perceptive business skills to work by investing in many bitcoin-related operations. Prior to being the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX, Mr. CasSelle was the Cheif Technology Officer and President of New Ventures at tronc, Inc. (formerly known as Tribune Publishing).

Today blockchain technology is enabling the quick and honest exchange of money and assets across the online world. With an opportunity to change the world of gaming, Malcolm CasSelle is launching WAX as a way to help gamers exchange virtual assets like never before, and read full article.

Vijay Eswaran Sees Great Value in the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Vijay Eswaran feels that educational institutions should offer programs that inspire students to become job creators rather than job seekers. This is what Eswaran, QI Group Chairman, drives his own business enterprises.

He feels strongly that students should be encouraged to take a risk and learn ways to create employment. Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirt. However, those that do are the ones who help to create a better life for so many others.

Teaching students to work for someone else may have its place in the world. However, there are millions of students who could make an impact if they knew how to support a startup. He notes that the Chinese, South Koreans, Taiwanese, and Japanese all stem from cultures that teach their children to be their own bosses, to own businesses. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

On the other hand, individuals often must choose between a start-up and working for an established business. There are pros and cons to both actions. Ultimately, the student must realize that it is good to gain a basic understanding of business lifestyle business stages, whether for a startup or traditional business. Leadership is an important trait as well.

The true entrepreneurial mindset enables an individual to hatch an idea and see it through to the end. Another benefit that Vijay Eswaran sees in startups is that there is little delegation at the beginning, and formations stages. Everyone must be on the same page, and members of the team must take on a mental attitude that they will shoulder the vision.

Eswaran’s own experience working in a startup was fast-paced. The environment was dynamic, and constantly changed. There was a lot of action and communication was king.

This is in contrast to a slower-paced environment where things are more structured. In the end, the direction a person chooses is always a personal choice.

Adam Milstein And His Powerful Connection to Israel and the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein was born in the 1950’s, in Haifa, Israel. He grew up in KiryatMotzkin, and served the Defense Force for Israel from 1971 until 1973. He received an excellent education at the Technion, and in 1974, Gila Elgrably became his wife. In 1981, the couple moved to the United States, and by this time they had two daughters. He delved into commercial real estate shortly before the birth of his third daughter and more information click here.

The reason Adam Milstein was drawn to Philanthropy was his observance the Israeli Jews in the United States needs empowerment. Through a foundation established by Adam Milstein, and his wife, he began helping these Israeli’s grasp their identities. He believes a connection to Israeli, and the legitimacy of the state are critical, helps campuses who are pro-Israel, provides grants, and is an incredibly strong advocate for Israel. Adam Milstein was one of the individuals responsible for The Maccabee Campus Summit to stop lies, and hate spreading against to Jewish community, and Israel and learn more about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein saw there were not enough philanthropic organizations giving support to the Jewish Community. There are numerous amenities in Israel offered to the public for free, but not in the United States. He established the Israeli-American Council to inspire philanthropy in the Jewish people for this very reason. This has helped the community connect to Israel, understand, and appreciate their heritage, and provide assistance within their community.

Adam Milstein has gained a great deal of experience in philanthropy over the years. This has made it possible for him to formulate policies, give back to society, and provide help where it is needed the most. His charitable activities take up a lot of his time, but he is gratified, and does not consider what he does work. Adam Milstein perceives philanthropy as a joy of the heart, and it has become his passion and

Adam Milstein feels philanthropy encompasses so much more than donating. He is involved in many different facets including offering his ideas, going to meetings, participating in activities, and trying to make the world a nicer place to live. His involvement is an important facet of his life and Adam’s lacrosse camp.

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