Planning A Great Event

Some people desire to plan a party like a professional. These people believe that it is rather difficult to plan a party that looks and feels professional. While this may seem true for many, planning a professional looking party can be done. With working hard at anything, it takes dedication and researching the craft at hand, to make it successful. Once a person is set on planning a party, they can make it happen. Extensive research is needed when planning a party. Research is ideal because it helps guide the party planner in the right direction. There are so many ways to plan a party and there are so many themes that anyone can make into a party. The options are endless. In addition to research, there are other steps that need to be completed in order to plan a party like a professional.




Organization is key when planning a party. An expert event planner always stays on top of everything when planning a party. Nothing is left undone with a professional party planner. One of the biggest things when it comes to organization is to make lists. Lists are crucial to a successful party or event. A list will help a person keep tabs on everything that is needed for the event. There are several lists that needed including, a vendor list, a guest list, a menu, and contact information. Having these lists will keep any party organized.


Create A Fun Theme


Having a theme for a party can be fun and exciting. A theme can guide the party planner in planning the perfect party. With a theme, party planners already know what to purchase and how to set up the menu. A theme usually makes planning a party easier.


Twenty Three Layers are corporate event planners in NYC. They are the experts behind many successful events. Twenty Three Layers are knowledgeable about everything event related. They can do everything such as, book the venue, pick the floral arrangements and choose the menu. If someone

Party-Planning Tips From Professional Party Planners

If you’ve always thought about throwing an unforgettable party but feel intimidated by just the idea of picking out the right invitations, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a list of party-planning tips from professional event planning companies in NYC. These tips will help you pull off a fabulous party and will also relieve much of the stress related to entertaining.



Make a Self-Serve Bar


Without a designated self-serve bar area, your guests will spend all night scrambling around your refrigerator and freezer looking for ice, mixers and beverages. Creating a bar simply requires stocking a table or shelf of your home with everything your guests will need to create their beverages of choice.



Appetizers are Better for Crowds


If you’re inviting more ten than guests, stick to appetizers instead of a sit-down meal. By serving appetizers that don’t require knives and forks, your guests can mingle while they munch. Appetizers are easier to prepare as well and require less time in the kitchen.



Get Creative with Favors


If you’re going to be handing out favors at the end of your party, get creative and make sure that they’re both thoughtful and useful. Otherwise, they’ll most likely end up in the trash.



Send Real Invitations


Invitations that are mailed out feel more personal than e-vites and give you the opportunity to get creative with different stationary.



Use Spreadsheets to Stay Organized


Instead of keeping track of all of the components of your party in your head, get organized with spreadsheets. With this software, you can manage your RSVP list, your grocery list and anything else that you don’t want to forget.



Hire a Planner


You can always hire one of the many party and corporate event planners in NYC to do the planning for you. Twenty Three Layers is a planning company that can take care of everything for you. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or an enormous backyard bash, Twenty Three Layers will make your dreams a reality. Plus, this company provides party services like food, bar service and photography.


How Art Can Help With The Environment

One thing that could be said about art is that it is surprisingly important. It is in fact one of the activities that bring about a little extra spice to life. While people may not find art as important as something like food and shelter, art has been shown to enhance food and shelter. For one thing, artists have not only handled the aesthetics of anything, they have also enhanced the effectiveness of everything. It is because of art that food has been enhanced with nutrients in certain dishes. Also, art is really good for bringing life to a place of dwelling.

One of the ways that art is used to enhance a building or a space is through the use of event planning. However, not everyone is artistically inclined when it comes to event planning. This is why they have the option of hiring event planners in NYC. They are filled with professionals that not only have the skills in bringing out the intended effect and aesthetic of any event, but they are also passionate about the work they do which gives them the ability to go above and beyond expectations. This results in an event that is memorable and outstanding.

One passionate and skilled event planning company in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. The professionals of this event planning company not only have a lot of experience and confidence in the work they do, but they also have a joy that comes with it. With event planning, they are able to play around and come up with something that will take the planned event a lot further than the host has imagined. They are also willing to help with every aspect of the planning when it comes to the events that they have been assigned to do. They make sure every aspect of the event is dealt with so that they will continue to bring in requests for events.

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