Daniel Taub achievements as the diplomat and international lawyer

Daniel Taub is known to be the Israel diplomat, an international lawyer, author and an ambassador to the country of his birth. He served as the ambassador to the United Kingdom for the Israel from 2011 to 2015.

The role that made the bilateral trade between the two countries to double. Many businesses were set up in the UK by Israelites. The businesses were more than 300 in number, and they created a huge boost to the economy of the both countries.

Daniel Taub is a person of peace. He negotiated the peace forum between the Israelites and the Palestinians after the war terrors.

He was accompanied by Palestinian in making sure the two countries had peace. He also negotiated and advocated for peace between Israel and Syria. Daniel Taub supervised the International Court of Justice when they were looking into Israel security barrier. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://דניאלטאוב.co.il/wp-admin

As a diplomat, Daniel Taub served in several political, diplomatic and legal posts in his home country. He worked as the director of Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem.

Moreover, Daniel worked as the vice president & legal advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel and Israel Missions to the United Nations in New York and Geneva. Daniel Taub has excellent experience in international law where he deals with laws of wars and counter-terrorism legislation.

He once represented Israel government in a petition that was conducted by the UN investigators during the Gaza flotilla. Daniel Taub has helped the Israel country by serving in various positions.

As the ambassador the role that he was sworn in on 2011, he experienced some serious objections and allegations from the Foreign Ministry Union.

They claimed he was not ready and mature enough to handle the position with vigor and energy required but his colleague had a strong belief that he was the right person fit for the post. Daniel Taub focused more on the advancement of technology and creation of trade links that could bring fruits to the two countries.

During his tenure as the ambassador, he established and started the Bizcamp start-up competition with the help of Google and made the foreign trade between Israel and UK rise to $ 8 billion. This made him be awarded Grassroot Diplomat Initiative award.

Daniel Taub is an exceptional public speaker and well known for his humor when he featured in various radio and television interviews including CNN, Newsnight, Sky News and BBC Radio program. As an author, he has written numerous publications and books on Israel and the Middle East