Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Business in Brazil

Roberto Santiago has earned reputation in different parts of the world. He has been a renowned entrepreneur and investor in realtor projects. Santiago is the legend of investment behind the famous Manaira Shopping Mall that is located in Paraiba. His mall is ranked the best and largest in Brazil. It has outstanding facilities fitted which draw the attention of different people. The mall serves a large number of people from Brazil and the tourist who tours beaches and other sites in Brazil.


Roberto was born in the year 1956 in Brazil. He went to PIO X-Marist college after his elementary studies and joined the University of Center Joao Pessoa where Roberto pursued a degree in Business Administration. Before starting a Cartonnage Industry, he was an entrepreneur in Café Santa Rosa. Within a small span of a period the cartonnage firm expanded, and sales increased in volume due to Santiago`s leadership and administration skills. He could write different blogs which made him well known by people who were fond of reading them.


Roberto Santiago later ventured into real estate projects and even bought a land where he could establish the Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall took him two years for it to be completed. Roberto also owns the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Although, the heart of his success remains to be the Manaira Shopping Centre. He has always been driven by his mindset, drive, and passion in real estate business.

The shopping mall avails varieties of options to customers. It provides ample parking, colleges, restaurants, banking services, insurance services, fitness place, gaming area, theatre halls, social halls, and large-scale shops. The mall always provides you with a reason to visit again. It always gives you exactly what you want. Roberto Santiago is committed to making Manaira Shopping Mall Centre be the best shopping place in the world.


Capital Steakhouse and the Gourmet Restaurants which are under the Manaira roof provides the customers with the best meals in Brazil. Domus Hall which holds a maximum of 8000 people is fitted with the air conditioner to create a fresh conducive atmosphere to the users. The mall hosts theatrical performances, trade fairs, receptions, exhibitions and other indoor activities making the mall to be visited by many people in a single day. The cinemas here are well fitted with 3 D technology making them a destination for many people.


The facilities, excellent services, and quality products offered in Manaira center create a significant bond between the mall and the customers. Roberto Santiago has been in mall business for over twenty years. His career has always been promising, and he would like to see his company continuing to prosper. Roberto provides the society with experiences and encourages people to become entrepreneurs.