Fast Food Gets A Lasting Change Thanks to Nathaniel Ru

When people hear about fast food, among the first images that pop into their mind is that of hamburgers and fries. These are some of the more fattening foods. Even though they may try to bring in a little health with extra ingredients and even some alternative meats such as chicken, fast food still has the reputation of being fattening and otherwise unhealthy. At the same time, many people go to these joints because they are living on a budget and a lot of the healthier restaurants cost tons of money compared to what fast food restaurants offer. There is also the idea of buying groceries and preparing food. However, time constraints don’t allow for that either. Learn more:


Fortunately, there are efforts being made to bring attention to alternatives in the fast food industry. Among the alternatives is Sweetgreen, put together by Nathaniel Ru. With Sweetgreen, Nathaniel wants to do more than show people that there is a different type of fast food restaurant that they can try out. He wants to make a lasting change in the industry. Among the changes that he is hoping to bring is the adoption of not only healthier foods, but also influence of the culture in order to be healthier. Learn more:


While the fast food industry is getting a change, this change is gradual and slow. However, some of the most important and lasting changes in any industry comes at a slow pace. Nathaniel Ru has worked with his friends to make sure that the work that he brings lasts longer than him. As a matter of fact, Nathaniel Ru has stated that everything one does should out last him. Learn more:


Of course the journey to bring Sweetgreen out was not a smooth journey. As a matter of fact, it has required a lot of adjustments and persistence in order to get the green light for the business. However, the story of Sweetgreen is that of inspiration. Nathaniel has shown that if one believes in what he is doing, then he will overcome all obstacles that stand in the way of bringing his dreams and ideas to life. Learn more: