Doe Deere Talks Lime Crime

Lime Crime Cosmetics has been well known in the makeup world for several years now thanks to the gutsy business moves of Doe Deere. The cosmetics brand is a fan favorite for all those who love their makeup in bright and eye catching colors. Although the beauty brand is well known online and on social media platforms, not too many people know the face behind the line, Doe Deere. Born and raised in Russia, Doe made a name for herself in the Big Apple.


Fashion and color has been a part of Doe Deere’s life from a very early age. She would throw slumber parties with her best friends where they would dress up as witches and dance around the room. It should come as no surprise that Doe was the professional behind their makeup application. Even as a young girl, Doe showed she had an es for makeup and colors. When she just seventeen years old, Doe decided to leave her country and traveled to the big apple. While in New York City, Doe was able to see how her style could fit in the beauty industry. She started her own band shortly after settling in the city and named it Sky Salt. Not only was she able to make music she loved, Doe also met her future husband and president of her brand in a fellow band member.


Doe Deere had her start in business on the widely used platform, eBay. This website was able to provide her with a launching point to gain the first of her fan base. She made her own clothing in her signature bright colors in many fun patterns and prints which gained worldwide attention. While on this platform, Doe realized something missing within the beauty industry; color. She longed to create her own cosmetics line and take her business to the next level.


Officially launched in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics, named after her favorite color, hit the streets with lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes. She gives fellow fashionistas from all over the globe the hip, bold colors that she fell in love with. She loves to engage with her fan base and launc14hes contests for her beloved followers. Fans everywhere can check out “Must-Be-Pink!”, her online giveaway and contest. Her interactions with her fans has gained her well over 3 million followers on Instagram. Learn more:


Doe rises early in the morning like clockwork and drinks a glass of water to stay hydrated. She curls her hair which can often be found in various shades of blue, purple or pink. Her makeup is always meticulously applied to her favorite Beatles song. For all intents and purposes, Doe Deere is a regular entrepreneur with a love of color looking to live her best life. She cares about nature and her cosmetics line is vegan and cruelty free. Fans everywhere can find her brand online at most outlets and are personally invited by Doe to send a message on the Lime Crime Instagram page.

Distinguished Career

Helane Morrison decided to leave the Securities and Exchange Commission to join Hall Capital Partners in 2007. When she left the SEC, she left a distinguished career of high profile cases. She began her early career as both a lawyer in the public and private sector. She was a law clerk to both an appeals court judge and a Supreme Court judge. She left her public sector jobs to be a lawyer for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1991 where she became partner. She then left her private sector job to work at the SEC.


In 1996, she joined the San Fransisco SEC office in the hopes to restore confidence in the finance industry. She was responsible for enforcement in Northern California, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Northern Nevada areas. During her career, she brought several high profile cases. Some of her cases were fraud cases against McKesson HBOC and NextCard. She also fought against Silicon Valley companies in stock backdating cases. She has even filed against general counsel at Google for registration violations.


Major cases were not her only achievement at the SEC. Her team examined hundred’s of the nation’s registered entities and led risk assessment examinations to find potential problems. One of her colleagues, Lori Richards, gushed about her impressive record at the SEC. She has left behind a legacy of excellence. Her job at Hall Capital will be as the general counsel and chief compliance officer of the investment advisory firm. She will no doubt leave her mark of excellence there.


What you should know about Dore Deere and the Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of the Lime Crime Makeup Company. Her great passion and affection for color have caught many global fans’ attention. She has a unique vision and exceptional personal values. This has led the business in being one of the leading beauties Company in the US. In her effort to identify cosmetics that could match her cosmetic interests, Dore founded the firm in 2008. They produced Unicorn Lipsticks providing a variety of lip colors with unique packaging.

She is committed to making her customers satisfied. Moreover, she firmly believes in success to reinvent her make while still maintaining their quality. Consequently, she has introduced a new brand in the market, Liquid lipstick. The new product does not disintegrate, and it smoothens the lips making consumers comfortable. She widely performed the product’s lab tests before launching it. This was to ensure that it does not contain any constituents derived from animals.

Doe is named as the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneur among other Females in the US

Before launching Lime Crime, Deere was a musician in New York. In her interview, she says that she gained a lot of knowledge about career and marketing. She has had a great dream in entrepreneurship since her childhood. In fact, she started her first enterprise in Russia when she was thirteen years old. She used to sell temporary tattoos. They were not common during that time, and the business was great fun. She could wear them to market them to her classmates.

She ran the business for four years and then started the Lime Care. The bright colors are all Doe wanted, but they were not easy to find. The makeup industry in New York only focused on producing products that could make one look natural. As a result, Doe decided to make light color makeups. This was to meet the needs of other girls who had the same interests as hers.

For this reason, she was named as the greatest woman entrepreneur in a New York Magazine. She is proud for being recognized for her efforts in the business sector. Also, she is hoping to become a role model for other females with a passion for business. Having operated the company through the internet, she has been able to offer customer feedback. This has increased her operations earning her high profits.

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